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Ease the Cost and Complexity of Delivering on Financial Stress Testing Regulations

Senior Analyst from Aite Group, David O’Connell reveals how data virtualization can significantly reduce the hurdles around cost and labor in order to deliver on financial stress testing regulations.

Oracle Expert Jonathan Lewis Reveals How DBAs Can Do Their Jobs Better by Leveraging Virtualization

Oracle Expert, Jonathan Lewis shares how DBAs can do their jobs better by cloning databases in minutes with Delphix.

Industry Expert Tim Gorman Shares the Value Of Delphix For Oracle DBAs

Technical Evangelist, Kyle Hailey chats with IT Veteran, Tim Gorman about his experiences with Delphix, what attracted him to join Delphix, and what industry problems Delphix solves.

Taking Database Development to the 21st Century

Learn how to bring database development to the same level as your code.

Why Benchmarking Your New Storage Array is Critical

Learn why it is so important to test I/O storage performance and ensure that it can support your load.

Expert’s Guide to Beat the Database SQL Optimizer in Under a Minute

Explore SQL statement best practices with Kyle Hailey.

What’s the Most Powerful Performance Data: How to Use Wait Events and Data Sampling to Drive Your Message

Discover key Oracle tuning practices to communicate clear, direct and actionable data.

Why Strong Data Visualization is Fundamental: Successfully Convince People with Data

Learn how clear visual data and strong statistical analysis can be used to successfully convince the C-Suite.

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