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Jedidiah Yueh, President and CEO of Delphix

Jedidiah YuehPresident and CEO

In 1999, Jedidiah Yueh founded Avamar, a software company that pioneered data de-duplication and shipped a billion-dollar product in the backup and recovery industry, with over 20,000 current customers. Today, de-duplication is a high priority for enterprise data centers and a must-have for major storage and software vendors.

Stewart Grierson, Delphix

Stewart Grierson CFO

Stewart Grierson has over 20 years of financial and operational experience working with high growth private and public technology companies. He was the CFO of ArcSight Inc., leading their successful IPO in 2008, and ultimate sale to HP for $1.75 billion in 2010. Prior to ArcSight, Stewart was VP and Corporate Controller at ONI Systems.

Adam LeventhalCTO

Adam Leventhal co-founded and invented DTrace, a revolutionary production diagnostics tool. DTrace transforms real-time performance analysis and troubleshooting, enabling dynamic and non-disruptive probes of production systems, and has installations across hundreds of thousands of Sun, Apple, and Oracle systems.

Eric SchrockVP, Engineering

Eric was a founding engineer at Sun's Fishworks group that created the ZFS Storage Appliance. At Sun and later Oracle, he led the distributed data management and storage platform integration strategies. Prior to that, he worked on teams in the Solaris kernel group, including the ZFS, Zones, and fault management teams. He is a leader in the illumos community, holds two patents and has several pending.

Mark BoullieVP, Americas

Mark Boullie has been instrumental in scaling sales organizations for many successful enterprise software companies over the last 20 years. Most recently Mark led the Americas field operations for ArcSight, the market leader in SIEM and Log Management, acquired by HP in 2010 for over $1.7 Billion.

Iain Chidgey VP, EMEA

Iain Chidgey was VP and General Manager EMEA for ArcSight, a leading global provider of compliance and security management solutions. Iain was responsible for setting up ArcSight in EMEA in 2004, growing it to a multimillion dollar company which culminated in a successful IPO and subsequent acquisition by HP.

Jason Binder VP, Human Resources

Jason Binder serves as the Vice President of Human Resources. Prior to joining Delphix in January 2010, he served as the Senior Director of Business Operations at Xsigo Systems. Prior to his 4 years with Xsigo, Jason worked with top tier venture capital firms performing retained searches and key human capital initiatives.

Hilary Ahern VP, Legal Affairs

Hilary S. Ahern joined Delphix in 2008 as the Company's second employee and serves as the Vice President of Legal Affairs. Hilary oversees Delphix's legal matters and previously oversaw finance and operations.

Daniel Graves VP, Product Management

Daniel Graves has been leading organizations that build businesses around innovative software and cloud products for over 20 years. Previously Daniel was Cloud CTO at Symantec, responsible for cloud product and technology strategy across the $6B security and data protection product portfolio.