Organizations spend enormous amounts of time and money generating copies of data that support their business critical applications. Delphix is radically changing the way companies deliver their data – providing fast, flexible, efficient access to data. Delphix enables Agile Data Management through intelligent software that eliminates redundant infrastructure and slow processes. As a result, Delphix customers deliver higher quality business applications in less time and at lower cost. Today, IT organizations regularly make compromises to reduce costs, limiting the ability to support project teams. The result is delayed projects, missing features, and frustrated users. Delphix breaks this cycle by enabling IT to deliver unlimited data wherever and whenever the data is needed. The Delphix team has created successful software companies in a variety of markets, including data de-duplication, virtualization, application development, and real-time intelligence and analysis. The Delphix solution is being used today by leading global organizations to cut the time, cost, and complexity of delivering enterprise applications.


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