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DaaS Overview

Enable Data as a Service Across Application Lifecycle

Businesses today increasingly rely on applications to stay competitive and take advantage of market opportunities. With rapid data growth and complexity, however, data management has become a key constraint in the software development lifecycle.

Delphix software enables IT organizations to provide Data as a Service to developers and analysts on premise or in the cloud—delivering virtualized data into the right environment in minutes instead of the weeks or months it typically takes to move and copy data across redundant systems.

With Delphix, organizations can:

  • Release applications 10x faster
  • Enable continuous integration and delivery
  • Migrate applications to the cloud at lower cost and risk

Transform Application Development

Unlock Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

Development teams depend on IT operations to deliver environments to support application projects. Lack of timely, quality environments is a leading cause for late and low quality application releases. Getting the right data into the right environment, however, requires coordinated, interrupt-driven work across DBAs, sys admins, storage admins, and backup admins.

By virtualizing and automating data delivery, Delphix provides unprecedented ease of environment setup, refresh, reset, branching, and sharing, eliminating key obstacles to achieving continuous integration and continuous delivery. Data as a Service enables:

  • Self-service access to high quality test data
  • Fast data refresh, bookmark, rollback via GUI, API, or CLI
  • Integrated test data to support continuous integration, delivery

Revolutionize Data Access and Delivery


Accelerate ERP, CRM Releases

Stale data and insufficient environments result in project delays and quality issues for ERP, CRM, and other packaged applications. Delphix accelerates upgrades and other application projects by providing virtual application environments that can be spun up and down on demand to support business demands.

  • Accelerate ERP upgrade, patching, and development cycles
  • Enable parallel ERP projects across virtual application environments
  • Retain application state prior to changes for legal hold, future audits

Accelerate ERP Projects with Data on Demand


Cut Cost, Risk in Cloud Migrations

Organizations look to private and public clouds to accelerate access to systems for development and analytics. Migrating applications takes time and puts business critical applications and data at risk. Moving applications and data to public clouds introduces even more risk and uncertainty. By virtualizing application data, Delphix enables secure migration to private, public, or hybrid cloud architectures in half the time and with less risk by:

  • Non-disruptively syncing compressed, change data to the cloud
  • Enabling rapid development, testing to validate applications prior to cutover
  • Centrally masking application data to eliminate data security risks