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Delphix Data Masking

Fast, Efficient, and Scalable Data Masking

Most companies fail to implement a comprehensive approach to securing data in non-production environments. In fact, recent research suggests that 80% of businesses use sensitive production data for development, testing, and training. Data masking from Delphix provides an automated approach to protecting these environments, replacing confidential information such as social security numbers, patient records, and credit card information with realistic yet fictitious data.

Unlike encryption measures that can be bypassed through schemes to obtain user credentials, masking irreversibly protects data in downstream environments. With Delphix Masking, organizations can:

  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and other privacy regulations
  • Neutralize risk stemming from identity-based attacks
  • Deliver secure data to testing teams, including outsourced or offshore resources

Modern Data Masking

Delphix Masking provides superior performance, allowing businesses to secure non-production data with both speed and efficiency. Moreover, Delphix applies data masking while maintaining referential integrity, preserving the value of data for testing or analytics.

  • Mask data 10x faster than other solutions
  • Utilize 90% less storage by masking data in memory
  • Ensure referential integrity of masked data, even across heterogeneous data sources

Implement Masking with Simplicity and Ease

With a single solution, Delphix customers can mask data across a variety of storage platforms. Moreover, businesses are not required to program their own masking algorithms or rely on extensive administrator involvement.

  • Mask data without the need for development expertise or extensive training
  • Leverage a web-based UI to mask data in just few mouse clicks
  • Protect structured and unstructured data across a wide range of sources

A Comprehensive, Repeatable Approach to Data Masking

Delphix offers a fully-integrated, end-to-end solution that streamlines the process of discovering or profiling sensitive data, securing data, and verifying that all vulnerabilities have been addressed.

  • Identify sensitive data across sources to create an enterprise-wide risk profile
  • Automatically assign and execute masking algorithms that match specific data types
  • Alert administrators if vulnerabilities are discovered and deliver risk assessments to auditors

Finally, Delphix seamlessly integrates masking with Data as a Service to address the two key challenges that security-minded organizations must address: masking data, and then efficiently delivering it. By combining a data masking solution with Data as a Service into a single, secure architecture, Delphix solves both data masking and data delivery challenges.

No other vendor delivers a complete solution for secure test data management. Legacy vendors provide data sub-setting or synthetic data delivery solutions, which result in poor testing and expensive development re-work. Legacy data masking vendors have complex solutions that prevent enterprise-wide rollout. Only Delphix provides a solution for secure, agile test data management, via Secure Data as a Service.