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Virtual Data Platform

Empower Application Teams with Self Service and Virtual Environments

Managing Applications Is Hard

Applications and databases are big and getting bigger. The typical organization manages 8 to 10 instances of an application, including binaries, configuration files, and databases, for development, QA, reporting, and other project needs. Getting the right environments and data to the right team can take weeks or months, with most of the time and expense in people and process. Application instance and database requests generally start with managers and committees for approval, then sort through prioritization and scheduling, and finally consume hours of low-value, painstaking work and coordination from DBAs, IT admins, and storage admins. The sum of these delays lead to high project costs, schedule overruns, quality gaps, and frustration for developers, QA engineers, and users alike.

Unlock Your Data

Delphix delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, with an enterprise-class Virtual Data Platform. By virtualizing the entire application stack (binaries, files, and databases) Delphix quickly delivers full environments for development, testing, and reporting needs — at a fraction of physical costs and complexity. With Delphix, DBAs no longer waste time making, refreshing or resetting copies, analysts have current data to drive business decisions, developers get the right version of an environment for their projects, and QA engineers can test on fresh data and reset data in minutes after test runs.

Control Application Sprawl

Delphix overcomes organization, process, and location bottlenecks with a comprehensive data delivery platform. Applications reside across data center locations, functional divisions, and on a variety of platforms and systems, with developers and contractors often working in remote locations. Delphix non-invasively and efficiently syncs application databases and files across locations (even across the WAN), works with any storage, runs in private or public clouds, and supports major databases, applications, and data warehouses across all major platforms. By providing the proper roles, functions, and privileges, Delphix provides a set of interfaces to deliver self-service data control for analysts, developers, and QA engineers, improving environment delivery times by 10X and project efficiency by 50% for enterprise applications.

Drive Systems Utilization

With fast, virtualized delivery of database, file, and application environments, Delphix drives improved utilization of hardware and software systems for application projects. Application and database servers often sit idle for months, waiting on data delivery for a test run, and then sit idle again until the next use. Delphix compresses test cycles by 10x, often improving total systems utilization by 50 to 90%. Project managers usually over-allocate compute and storage resources to prepare for peak loads. As a result, systems sit largely under utilized most of the time. By sharing data blocks across all instances, Delphix eliminates 90% of logical and physical storage requirements for a project. In addition, with in-memory virtualization, Delphix provides like-physical performance for an average of 20 virtual environments in the space of a single physical copy. Imagine finding 20x the capacity and value in existing application environments. With Delphix, superior utilization is the new reality.

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