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Cloud Migration

DaaS Simplifies Migration to the Cloud

Expedite Cloud Migration

Cloud deployments are rapidly becoming not only feasible but also essential for organizations of all sizes. With IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud offerings maturing, most organizations are rearchitecting application stacks to take advantage of public, private, and hybrid cloud services. However, the rigid data tier under applications limits both migration to the cloud as well as the expected agility gains.

Delphix helps organizations achieve cloud migration (AWS, VMware vCloud, etc.) objectives faster and at a lower cost by:

  • Enabling faster migration to private, public, and hybrid cloud services
  • Improving security and governance in the cloud
  • Cutting cloud data management operating costs

Cloud Outcomes Redefined

Accelerate Cloud Migrations

Testing and validation for cloud migrations is costly, introduces business downtime, and stretches production teams thin. Often, such projects can’t even get started because of pushback from business units. Delphix Data as a Service enables cloud migrations to move quickly, and with less business disruption.

  • Enable 50% to 80% faster migrations
  • Eliminate dependencies between migration teams and production teams
  • Minimize downtime during environment cutover

Enforce Governance and Security

Lack of visibility and control is a major area of concern when assessing the risk of moving sensitive data to public cloud infrastructure. Delphix provides an innovative solution for cloud data security. With agile data masking, Delphix ensures that sensitive data is never sent to the cloud without first being secured.

  • Address security-related pushback on cloud migration projects
  • Reduce the surface area of sensitive data by 90%
  • Move data securely across on-premise and heterogeneous cloud providers
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Cut Cloud Operating Costs

For environments migrated into public cloud platforms as well as environments that were “born in the cloud”, Delphix significantly reduces total operating costs. With Delphix, customers have realized a 50% reduction in their monthly IaaS operating cost.

  • 90% lower storage cost for application copies in the cloud
  • Eliminate the cost of cloud backups and snapshots with built-in CDP
  • Drive utilization and cut related cloud IOPS cost with shared IOPS pool

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