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Delphix for Government

DaaS keeps projects on time and on budget

Better, Faster Application Projects With Delphix

Against a backdrop of wide-ranging mandates such as HIPAA, FDCCI, and FOIA, government organizations have clear directives to expand the reach of IT applications while also cutting cost. For agencies developing applications, consolidating data centers, or advancing cybersecurity initiatives, Delphix represents an important opportunity to accelerate mission-critical projects by 50%.

Meet Challenging Data Requirements

Accelerate Development and Testing

Delays and costly rework during application development projects can be devastating, particularly in budget-constrained environments. New applications can take years to develop. But through self-service data access for developers and testing teams, Delphix dramatically accelerates development and upgrade projects for both custom and packaged applications.

  • Realize a 1,000% increase in test cycles and 50% less re-code
  • Cut upgrade time in half for packaged apps including SAP and Oracle EBS
  • Easy integration into DevOps tools and custom workflows

Make Data Center Consolidation a Reality

Government agencies struggle to meet demanding requirements for data center consolidation driven by initiatives such as FDCCI and JIE. Although the size, number, and complexity of databases and applications continues to increase, agencies must rapidly downsize data center footprints. Delphix enables organizations to consolidate data centers quickly and efficiently by:

  • Reducing data center migration workloads by up to 80%
  • Lowering risk of data loss during consolidation projects
  • Delivering testing and validation environments without taxing IT infrastructure

Safeguard Sensitive Data

In light of recent high-profile data breaches, cybersecurity initiatives to protect privacy and national security are more important than ever. Delphix provides data controls across the full application lifecycle, limiting privileged access to sensitive data and reducing the surface area of risk.

  • Integrated masking for TB-level datasets and delivery of secure data in minutes
  • Single point of control with chain of custody log enables more secure data governance
  • Independent data record allows customers to recover from data vandalism