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Delphix for Government

Secure, Agile Data Management

The growing number of government mandates, such as FDCCI, HIPAA, and FOIA, without an increase in budget to accomplish these initiatives, is leaving federal and state governments in a big bind: they must manage existing infrastructure, add new applications and adhere to new regulations—all with less money.

New Delphix solutions are helping federal, state and local agencies tackle these initiatives successfully. Delphix helps organizations drastically reduce the time it takes to consolidate and upgrade data centers, rationalize applications, and accelerate new application development by virtualizing copies of databases and applications within minutes for development, testing, migration and analytics. Agencies are able to distribute these virtual copies throughout the agency ecosystem without adding storage overhead or process delay.

Make Data Center Consolidation a Reality

With clear directives for data center consolidation, such as FDCCI and JIE, agencies are struggling to meet targets and deadlines. The size, number and complexity of databases and applications have increased significantly and agencies must cut redundant systems to reduce overhead and increase efficiency. The Delphix Engine enables organizations to migrate and consolidate data centers quickly and efficiently while eliminating the risk of lost data and reducing migration requirements – reducing workloads by up to 80% through virtualizing data.

Accelerate Application Development and Deployment

New applications can take many months and even years to develop, disrupting mission-critical projects and delaying field deployment. Getting copies of databases just for coding and/or testing can take weeks. Multiply that by hundreds of requests and new projects coming online daily, and you get major delays. With Delphix, individuals, groups, or divisions can get virtual copies of a database or application stack in minutes without sacrificing data integrity or production quality.

ERP installs or upgrades can also take months or years. Rapid Refresh for SAP, which virtualizes the data in SAP databases, enables refreshes of multi-terabyte databases in minutes. Oracle R11-12 upgrades yield the same results. Now you can have shorter testing cycles and faster upgrades, providing better sources of mission-critical information and faster time to application release.

Enhance Situational Awareness

Understanding what’s happening in the field at all times is critical for good mission intelligence. With the amount of data and the sources multiplying quickly, there is a lot of noise going through the channel. We help you get the right information to the right people so they can make the most informed decisions. Sync, Version and Virtualize are the three simple steps to getting better data faster. This data can be used for real-time reporting, historical comparisons and distributed on demand – all without any impact to your production systems.

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