3 Reasons to Attend Data Company Conference 2021

If you want to discover what’s coming next in the world of modern enterprise data and learn all about what it means to innovate responsibly, this is an event you simply can’t miss.

In today's increasingly complex world, driving innovation in a responsible way requires more than just good intentions. Our goal this year is to provide a setting where business and technology leaders across every industry can meet to deeply understand how data and technology can be used—and misused—to significantly change business and our society. 

Ready to learn how you can play a part in creating the future of responsible innovation? Here’s our hit-list of the top reasons to attend the Data Company Conference on June 8th, 2021.

1. Witness the biggest names across every industry in one place

Last year, hundreds of leaders representing teams and functions spanning business, engineering, privacy/compliance, cloud, and AI/ML teams joined us for our inaugural event. 

This year, we’re going bigger. Here’s a spotlight on our incredible lineup of sessions and speakers: 

Opening Keynote: Overcoming the Innovation Deficit, featuring: 

  • Jed Yueh, founder and CEO of Delphix and bestselling author of “Disrupt or Die” 

Guest Keynote: The Business Value of DevOps and Data, featuring: 

  • Gene Kim, award-winning CTO and WSJ bestselling author of “The Unicorn Project 

Fireside Chat: Digital Transformation Priorities in the CxO Suite, featuring

  • Jacob Sorenson, CIO, Bank of the West
  • Lindsay Lawrence, EVP, COO, Fire Foundation Bank Institute

The Great IT Migration with Macy’s, featuring: 

  • Maurice Scarlett, tech manager engineering, Macy’s

Natura & Co: DevOps for Beauty and the Planet, featuring: 

  • Renzo Petri, head of cloud platform engineering & DevOps at Natura & Co., the 4th largest pure-play beauty company in the world representing The Body Shop, Avon, Natura, and Aesop

Terna: Engineering the Future of Energy with DevOps, featuring: 

  • Fabio De Sanctis, head of IT operations at Terna—the 7th largest grid operator on the globe

BNP Paribas: Accelerating Towards a Sustainable Economy with Data, featuring: 

  • Bernard Gavgani, Group CIO at BNP Paribas—the world's 7th largest bank by total assets and the largest bank in Europe

Women Leading Tech: Balancing Responsibility with High-Velocity Innovation, featuring: 

  • Ginger Purgatorio, SVP/Product Management of Personal lines Insurance, Allstate
  • Jennifer Cohen, VP of Core Engineering, Toyota Research Institute
  • Jennie Baird, SVP/Global Head of Product, News Corp
  • Tiffany Miller, Head of Digital Technology, Healthcare, Fidelity Investments

Last but not least—Great Technology, Greater Responsibility: The Key to Sustainable Innovation, featuring a mix of industry influencers you won’t find anywhere else: 

  • Chris Preimesberger, editor emeritus, eWeek 
  • Maribel Lopez, founder, Lopez Research
  • Neil Raden, founder and principal analyst, Hired Brains Research
  • Sean O’Brien, principal researcher, ExpressVPN Digital Security Lab
  • Tom Fox, author, podcast host, and compliance evangelist, Compliance Podcast Network 

2. Be part of solutions-focused conversations

We’ve spent months researching the key issues and opportunities faced by business and technology leaders. Our packed agenda will offer answers and practical advice that you can take back to your workplace to build mature data practices and strategies for DevOps & CI/CD, cloud, data compliance, AI/ML, and more. 

Not to mention, this event is your opportunity to engage with Delphix’s product experts. From high-level strategy to deep product insights, our experts are ready to discuss how to leverage data for your most important initiatives and connect you to the right resources.

Here’s a glimpse of topics we’re showcasing in the Expo Hall: 

  • Defining Your Data Strategy for a Multi-Cloud World
  • Towards DevOps, CI/CD, and 2x Faster Releases
  • Rearchitecting, Rebuilding, or Replacing: What’s Your Modernization Approach?
  • Accelerating Your Business with the Power of Data and AI
  • Getting Smart About Your Delphix Data Platform Deployment

The “Ask an Expert” Hall will be open and available to all attendees throughout the day-long event on June 8th. More information will be available on our conference website in the coming days!

Finally, make sure to catch our session on “Product Innovation at Delphix” led by our Chief Technology Officer Dan Graves and VP of Product Management Jason Grauel to learn about new innovations of the Delphix platform and what it means to leverage programmable data infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation.

3. Refresh your creativity and grow your network 

When you go through the same routine every single day, it’s natural to lose focus or burn out—especially during the pandemic. We all need to take a break from routine to stay on top of our game. 

A change of scenery, especially one that is rich with educational and networking opportunities, can help you refresh and spark your creativity and think in innovative ways. If you’re able to invest your time to attend our event, you can almost guarantee that you will return home with new tools, valuable contacts, and a renewed approach that will help grow your teams and business.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a leaderboard, collect points, and win prizes! We’ll be giving away MasterClass yearly subscriptions, a Bose speaker, YETI cooler, among many other awesome giveaways—including copies of Gene Kim’s “The Unicorn Project.” Moreover, a donation on behalf of all attendees will be made to support the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation’s Clean Energy Innovation Policy Program

So what are you waiting for? Register for the Data Company Conference today. 

For the latest updates, be sure to follow us across the socialverse on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Keep the conversations going at #datacompany. 

See you on June 8th, 2021! 

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