DaaS - The golden layer in the layer cake of IT

It's been a great three weeks for Delphix with the announcement of $75m in oversubscribed funding led by Fidelity Investments.

It's been a great three weeks for Delphix with the announcement of $75m in oversubscribed funding led by Fidelity Investments; winning the prestigious "DevOps Solution of the Year" in Computing's Vendor Excellence Awards; and European Bioinformatics Institute's Delphix project winning "Best Data Centre Project of the Year" from Computer Weekly.

Delphix is accumulating great momentum, with fabulous user case studies and a stellar list of top VC firms as investors: Greylock Partners, Credit Suisse, The Kraft Group, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Summit Partners, Battery Ventures, Icon Ventures and Jafco Ventures. These savvy investors have found the golden layer in the layer cake of IT technologies of Paas, IaaS, NaaS, SaaS, etc, -- Data as a Service (DaaS).

The Delphix message of liberating customers from the heavy burden of legacy IT infrastructure and databases by delivering data 100x faster, with 10x less infrastructure, is validated by customers representing some of the world's largest IT users. Delphix is used by  25 of Global 100 businesses. Those sales have fueled the growth of Delphix and it's why our prior fund raising was three years ago.

Stewart Grierson, our CFO recently said, "We've grown revenue at a 220 percent CAGR over the last five years while primarily funding operations from cash flow."

Killer apps... The $75m in new funding comes at a perfect time. The rise of the app and its importance in determining the success of digital business is taking off like a rocket ship. Delphix customers report more than 2x faster app development --  a 12-month project can be completed in less than six months.

That's a huge competitive lead especially at the largest companies because they can rapidly scale those apps across their entire global operations. Scale is incredibly valuable. Apps are becoming ever more important especially in the hands of consumers because apps will come to define the customer experience as much, if not more, than the brand's products.

Data as a Service (DaaS) -- delivering the right data, at the right time, to the right app -- will be the only way companies can profit from the coming data flood of biblical proportions from "Big Data" and the Internet of Things.

However, the majority of enterprise app development is handicapped by slow provisioning of IT resources for app dev teams, and the time-consuming labor-intensive resetting of testing environments for debugging. These are the two top constraints identified by DevOps guru Gene Kim in his popular book "The Phoenix Project" and that Delphix eliminates. DaaS will unlock far greater efficiencies than any of the prior waves of IT virtualization. 

Delphix is in the sweet golden layer of this massive global transformation of business and IT. The future is virtually here.