Virtual Databases and the Rise of the Killer Apps: What Delphix Has That Others Don't...

Kyle points out that Delphix created the virtual data industry with its virtual database technology.

Kyle Hailey marked his five years working at Delphix with a post on his blog Data Virtualizer. He joined as an Oracle expert with a large following just as Delphix was launching its first products. Kyle points out that Delphix created the virtual data industry with its virtual database technology. And Delphix Engineering has maintained a strong lead over those five years with continuous releases of critical IT technologies to customers.

It's because it has an unmatched engineering team that includes the architects of some of the most important IT technologies of our time such as DTrace, ZFS, RMAN and others. Kyle writes in 5 Years of Delphix: "...our company is the architects and leaders in the industry who built all the underlying technologies used to implement data virtualization."

Delphix has...

He goes on to list many of the technologies that Delphix has -- and that others might never have -- because they lack the knowledge to solve the big problems and salve the major pain points in IT. Kyle lists various use cases for Delphix and there are many: unbreakable security through data masking, easy backup, archiving, recovery, cloud migration, divestiture, integration, the labor savings in IT Ops, savings in data storage costs, IT provisioning in minutes rather than weeks, and more.

Each use case could pay for itself in record time but Delphix customers get access to them all. Plus they get the most valuable Delphix use case: seriously fast application development. With Delphix app dev teams can be provisioned with all the IT resources they need in just a few hours and not weeks; each developer team can self-service its database environments whenever it wants without waiting for IT Ops for: Rollback, refresh, bookmark, branch, and to synchronize database data with any point in time.

This more than doubles the speed of app development, catches bugs earlier, and frees up IT Ops staff from drudge tasks. Users make money from the new projects and they save money on IT costs. The ROI on Delphix is off the charts.

Rise of the Killer Apps...

There is a realization that the rise of the app is not just a smartphone phenomenon. The transition of multinational corporations to a digital business means a greater reliance on software. Software is how a digital business functions in a data-driven world.

Software is how it interacts with partners and conducts its commerce; software is how every aspect of being a digital business is expressed: from strategy, to marketing, recruitment, pricing, delivery and more. Software is also how you kill your competitors and how competitors can kill you.

Fast app development is a hugely important core capability. The internal app is where business processes are encapsulated and synced into a timeline that combines the right data with the right actions at the right time. The external app is how the personalized brand experience is delivered to customers. It becomes the prime vehicle for interacting with customers.

App development is where Delphix provides the most value with users reporting times cut by more than half. A one year project can be completed six months ahead of schedule -- which is a massive competitive advantage.

Fast CIO...

The traditionally conservative and slow changing IT department is being asked to change faster than any other in the organization. The pressure to change is coming from CIOs being pushed by their business groups to move fast, to deliver a versatile IT platform for any digital business need; and to develop families of business apps with complex requirements. And to keep doing it again and again because the importance of apps won't go away. This means IT needs to build a continuous production line. Delphix is how that app production line can be cranked to 11.

Fast movers...big winners

The rise of the app will hurt many of the world's largest companies because they will be too slow in getting their apps into development. Fast to market and first to scale brings big rewards in the digital economy. Digital markets tend to become dominated by a single large company rather than dozens of similar sized competitors.

Fast-movers have a lot to win and IT is the enabler. Delphix makes IT strategic again. Which is why 25% of the world's 100 largest companies are customers with another 150 users in the Fortune 1000.

Read about the unique capabilities of Delphix in Kyle's post: 5 Years of Delphix.