Big Data, Big Shadow

DATA. It's big. It's huge. It's massive. But really, it's just data. The trouble is, the bigger the data fish, the harder to securely fry.

DATA. It's big. It's huge. It's massive. But really, it's just data. The trouble is, the bigger the data fish, the harder to securely fry. As most people know, last week saw a landmark Twitter hacking of the Associated Press. Once again, our residential Big Data Expert, David Wells weighed in on a TechNewsWorld article covering the exploitation of web infrastructure that touched upon social media hacks: Before Big Data was a buzzword, Wall Street knew all about it. Last week, though, traders learned a Big Data lesson. It began with a common event -- a Twitter account was hacked. This time, though, the account belonged to the Associated Press, which happens to be a key input for Wall Street's Big Data machine. Before they were stopped, the hackers managed to push out a fake tweet about the White House being bombed and the president injured. The stock market dropped like a rock -- 143 points -- because the tweet spurred lots of automated trading fueled by Wall Street's fondness for Big Data. The market corrected itself quickly, but the incident raises an unsettling issue about the security of Big Data. In this case, Wall Street's data train was derailed by a small piece of poisoned fruit from Twitter. However, the risk is there for any organization with a Big Data deployment. There's always a risk that hackers will corrupt a data source with fraudulent data, noted David Wells, a principal consultant with Axis Technology. "This is already being done with social media sites where hackers are selling things like fraudulent Facebook Likes and tweets," he told TechNewsWorld. "Where there is money to be made falsifying Big Data feeds, there will be hackers attempting to do so," he said. Want to learn more about the many angles of Big Data and how to tackle its security? How about throwing the cloud into the mix? We just so happen to have a webinar for that coming up on May 7th, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern: Big Data & the Cloud: Solving Security Issues with Data Masking Today's Data Security Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of Big Data According to recent Gartner research, unstructured data accounts for at least 80% of an organization’s data. If left unmanaged, the sheer volume of unstructured data that’s generated each year within a company can be costly in a number of ways, ranging from security vulnerabilities to compliance risks. Add cloud computing to the mix and you are left with a data storm that could potentially turn into a monsoon. Join Senior Security Consultant, Andy Hebert and Senior Security Architect, Ilker Taskaya from data security solutions leader, Axis Technology, LLC, for an interactive webinar that will cover critical steps for ensuring protection of your business. Andy and Ilker will also put these practices into real-world context, illustrating how data is protected via automated data masking software. Sign up for this interactive webinar now!