Live at HIMSS14: DMsuite 4.4

So far, so good at this year's HIMSS conference! Check us out in booth #4649...

So far, so good at this year's HIMSS conference! Check us out in booth #4649... We also released some news just in time for the show: Axis Technology Unveils DMsuite(tm) 4.4 at HIMSS14 Industry-Leading Data De-Identification Solution Adds Intuitive Workflow, Tokenization, and Virtualized De-Identification for Healthcare Data Boston, MA & HIMSS14 Booth #4649, Orlando, FL, February 24, 2014 - Axis Technology Software, LLC, the leading provider of enterprise data security and de-identification solutions, today announced the availability of DMsuite 4.4 at the HIMSS14 Conference, the latest version of the industry-driving data security and de-identification solution.

DMsuite 4.4 takes data de-identification to the next level, delivering an intuitive workflow that enables users to delegate individual DMsuite functions to other users while maintaining access control. DMsuite 4.4 also provides tokenization capabilities and the industry's first virtual data masking toolset. DMsuite 4.4 offers healthcare companies in particular the strongest data security arsenal when it comes to meeting compliance with standards such as HIPAA, all while simultaneously increasing productivity and efficiency.

With DMsuite's tokenization feature, companies can share de-identified data with third parties for specific functions, receive it back, and then reverse the de-identification. This adds an extra layer of security by minimizing the transmission of sensitive data. DMsuite 4.4 provides virtual de-identification, drastically reducing storage costs while providing complete data masking in just a matter of minutes.

This eliminates the need for painstaking analysis to perform sub-setting and provisioning, delivering immediate availability of de-identified data for a company's software development lifecycle needs. Additionally, because there are no copies of data sets with virtual de-identification, companies can experience up to 90% savings in storage costs and resources. Watch a demo of DMsuite's virtual de-identification process. 

"With the constant changes to EMR technology and increased data security risks, we designed DMsuite 4.4 to especially help healthcare companies stay ahead of challenges and increase profitability," said Mike Logan, President of Axis Technology Software, LLC. "DMsuite 4.4 is one of our most exciting versions yet. It is a direct response to customer needs- both current and anticipated." DMsuite 4.4 also includes improved Autosys interoperability. It automatically generates scripts for JIL, enabling easy integration with a company's specific job scheduling software. 

To learn more about DMsuite 4.4, visit the Axis team in HIMSS14 booth #4649 or visit About Axis Technology Software, LLC Axis Technology Software, LLC is a premier provider of data masking and de-identification software  for the enterprise. The company's flagship platform, DMsuite(tm) profiles, virtualizes, and masks data with no programming required. 

It maintains referential integrity across business lines and different platforms such as Oracle, MSSQL, Cache, Hadoop, and file formats that include VSAM, Excel, delimited, and XML. DMsuite(tm) can be used straight out of the box, offering self-service provisioning functionality.

Companies from the healthcare, financial services, retail and government industries rely on DMsuite(tm) to secure their non-production data, including Walgreens/ TakeCareHealth, Tufts Health Plan, The Capital Group, MEDai, and Morgan Stanley. Axis Technology Software, LLC is headquartered in Boston, MA. To learn more, visit