Managing and Protecting Test Data in the Cloud

Many organizations are considering moving data to the cloud but are concerned about the security of their data.

Many organizations are considering moving data to the cloud but are concerned about the security of their data. The best first step for organizations to take is to move their Test Environments and Test Data to the cloud. To do this successfully, data can't just be "generic", it must be referentially intact, meaningful and keep the "state" of the information so that regression and functional testing can be performed. Organizations are under pressure to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing while ensuring that their data is secure.

They need to make sure that they know where their sensitive data resides and ensure that their data remains protected while leveraging a cloud environment which will increase software release velocity and reduce software defects. Axis has been in the business of masking data for over ten years, and has a proven, industry-leading, automated software product, DMsuite that is designed for the Cloud!

DMsuite has helped some of the world's largest institutions protect their sensitive data by masking it for software development and testing, and now we have partnered with SkyTap to provide a secure and productive cloud environment for all software developers. The Skytap Cloud is purpose-built for dynamic workloads. It provides extra capacity for peak demand, and extends all the benefits of virtualized infrastructure beyond your datacenter.

The Skytap Cloud gives enterprises a fast, easy, and secure way to create complex computing environments in the cloud. DMsuiteTM and SkyTap provide users a virtual dynamic and secure environment to speed software development and testing. Utilizing the DMsuiteTM technology, there is no coding required to find sensitive data on your databases and to mask it so that it is referentially intact across all Agile environments and physical databases and files.

All your masked data maintains the state and format of the original data so that all test cases can be thoroughly executed. Benefits:

  • Secure data for development and testing 10x faster than competing products
  • Leverage a robust cloud environment for all software development and testing
  • Reduce your "Hackable Footprint" by masking sensitive data in your Dev, Test and QA environments.
  • Speed up "Code to Market" to provide maximum benefits for business areas in the shortest possible time.

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