Secure Test Data Management with Delphix Data Masking

Delphix recently acquired Axis Technology's award winning Data Masking product.  Combined with Virtualized Databases, it provides a  Secure Test Data Management platform. 

Delphix recently acquired Axis Technology’s award winning Data Masking product. Combined with Virtualized Databases, it provides a Secure Test Data Management platform. So not only are your infrastructure costs reduced and application development accelerated, but now environments are secured and you can start to leverage the cloud without worrying about potential data breaches.

According to Gartner Infrastructure and perimeter protection technologies lack the means to ensure accurate detection of application vulnerabilities and protection against application-level attacks.  Moreover, they can't protect against behind-the-perimeter insider attacks, which are as devastating as outsider attacks.

Test Data Management Delphix Data Masking is a 10 year old product that not only masks data on virtualized databases, but physical databases and files as well.  This includes mainframe and non-mainframe files and databases. Delphix will:

  • Find sensitive data on databases
  • Automate the Data Masking process
  • Audit Masked databases to ensure security

TDM & data masking 1

Source of Vulnerability for Organizations

TDM & data masking 2

Security for Non-Production Environments

TDM & data masking 3

Eliminates Sensitive Data in Non-Production

TDM & data masking 4

  • Protecting Non-Production Data
  • Tokenization of Data for Analytics
  • Migration to Masked Test Data to the Cloud
  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
  • Outsourcing
  • Training
  • Proof of Concepts for Software Vendors