delphixpy: The Delphix python module part 2

Time for more fun with delphixpy.

Part 1 of this series

Time for more fun with delphixpy.

Ack! First, apologies this took so long to get out. In this blog I explain the very basics of how to translate what you do in the Delphix GUI to python via the delphixpy module. Here is what we cover:

  1. List the databases in our Landshark environment via the GUI
  2. Discuss the GUI to CLI mapping
  3. List the databases in our Landshark enviornment via the CLI
  4. Enable tracing and then repeat step 2
  5. Discuss the tracing output
  6. Discuss the CLI to python mapping
  7. Establishing a connection to Delphix via python
  8. Discuss invoking the delphixpy namespace operators
  9. Working with the delphixpy value objects

Some Helpful References

Before watching the video, take a quick look at the following links. Also, feel free to explore with the cookbooks on our documentation page after you watch the video. My Repo of Example Scripts Delphix Command Reference Delphix CLI Overview CLI->Web Services Transition GUI->API Mapping CLI->Python Transition


If you are using Delphix Express, you may need specify an older version of the module. When going into the CLI in the tutorial, type version and hit enter. That is the API version you are using. Replace delphixpy.v1_6_0.delphix_engine in the tutorial with delphixpy.vX_X_X.delphix_engine where X_X_X is the X.X.X number from the version command.

The Video

Working with the Delphix delphixpy module, part 2 from Adam Bowen on Vimeo.


I hope this is helpful in getting you going. My next blog in the series should come next week and be about using the delphixpy module to create snapshot of VDB's.

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