Top Best Practice in Data Archiving: Don't Just Archive!

Gartner has just released their new Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement.

Gartner has just released their new Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement.  Gartner again calls Delphix a leader, and Gartner recognized our progress by giving Delphix higher marks than ever before. Check out the full report here.

That's a great indication that customers should consider Delphix for all archiving and retirement projects.  But those projects are just a small part of what you do.

Your overall challenges remain the same as last year: how can companies bring efficiency to their ever-sprawling IT infrastructure?  How can IT teams improve the service that they provide to their internal customers and reduce the headaches of so many "urgent" requests?  Not just in archiving, but across the board?

We believe the answer is by solving multiple problems at the same time.  Yes, many organizations use Delphix to solve data archiving challenges, to great success.  However, our customers are able to deploy Delphix in multiple ways simultaneously. In doing so, they achieve both hard dollar savings through reduced infrastructure cost and improved DBA productivity, and transformational process savings due to the tremendous time advantages that we provide.

Imagine what your team could do with the ability to clone - nearly instantly, while using essentially no additional infrastructure - full production databases from any point in time.

For example, in addition to our leading capabilities around data archiving, our customers (including over 30% of the Fortune 500) are able to maximize their IT investment by:

  • Instantly repairing damaged or deleted database tables, condensing a days long process to minutes
  • Protecting all downstream data with integrated masking so sensitive information stays private.
  • Providing many copies of production data to development and QA teams instantly, without using additional storage

These capabilities translate to big wins for you and your team.  Bugs that could cost an e-retailer business on shopping holidays are easily addressed by quickly provisioning a virtual copy of the full production environment, so your application teams can test a fix and then move the app back to production. You can quickly restore an accidental deletion of a mission-critical table that could cost a media delivery company millions in lost revenue. You don't need to spend time or money when your development teams demand another environment to add more capabilities to one of your critical applications.

These capabilities are a big reason why customers choose Delphix. They leverage Delphix as a part of ongoing IT projects in addition to all their archiving and retirement efforts.

Whether you need to develop, test, upgrade, migrate, or retire applications, Delphix speeds up the process.  But more than that, the versatility of Delphix means that you can have an outsized impact on broad initiatives around agility, security and digital transformation, in addition to saving money.

Having been named a leader by Gartner, we only have one question: why would any modern IT organization be looking for a data archiving tool that does only data archiving?

Visit our website for more information about the power behind our award-winning data archiving technology, the core Delphix technology, or for additional applications of data virtualization.