Delphix 5.0 Redefines The Potential Of Business Agility

Demand for data security solutions from large corporations has been off the charts lately, which complements today's announcement Delphix 5.0 our first major product update since we acquired Axis Technology Software in 2015

Demand for data security solutions from large corporations has been off the charts lately, which complements today's announcement Delphix 5.0 our first major product update since we acquired Axis Technology Software in 2015. Delphix 5.0 now fully integrates data masking into the core Delphix platform, providing faster and easier masking of sensitive data plus even greater ability to deliver masked data in just minutes. We also announced support for multi-node Oracle E-Business Suite environments and IBM DB2 users and we are working hard to bring Delphix data agility to many more IT enterprise platforms. A growing number of our customers are asking for data masking, and with good reason: a continuing parade of highly embarrassing data breaches. The number of Delphix customers among the Global 100 jumped 20% in just one quarter to 30%, potentially making data masking more attractive to a larger number of Delphix customers hoping to avoid these types of headline-grabbing events. With Delphix 5.0, we take data masking to a whole new level because we combine it with our unique data virtualization technologies. With Delphix, customers can mask data once and then effortlessly deliver virtualized masked data anywhere they need it including to public or private cloud environments.

delphix 5.0

Enabling business agility...

Every company understands that its transformation into a digital enterprise is inevitable and essential. As digital transactions grow to dominate all commercial sectors, data becomes incredibly important to success. All business decisions become data driven, and all competitive strategies become expressed through digital interfaces interacting with the right data at the right time. Digital business strategies will be constructed by aggregating the best micro-services into dynamically created apps, with the goal of being able to captivate huge numbers of users, customers and partners.

Business at the speed of data...

With Delphix, you can accelerate application development up to 10x faster and catch more bugs in a shorter period of time. Delphix lets app dev teams reset databases and rerun tests themselves, in minutes compared with hours or days when database admins have to come in and do it for each team. First movers in apps will have a very distinct and valuable advantage. We've seen demonstrated in the smartphone app stores how apps can scale to large numbers of users extremely quickly, sometimes overnight. This is a huge competitive opportunity that has no counterpart in the physical business world. Success in digital business becomes defined by how quickly you can respond to changing data, the versatility of the IT enterprise matters. IT is strategic once more.

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Key announcement themes...

So what does today's announcement mean for our customers? Delphix 5.0 delivers a number of business benefits to help customers accelerate and simplify their application development lifecycles:

  • Selective Data Distribution is a powerful new feature in Delphix 5.0 that enables users to mask data in a secure zone and then replicate that masked data to non-production environments used for development, testing and analytics. The enterprise can micro-manage where and how that data is provisioned and used, and for what length of time.
  • You can recover in just a few minutes from a devastating data breach, where hackers not only can steal sensitive data, but they destroy massive amounts of it, too. Delphix users can roll everything back to any point in time it's like having a giant undo button.
  • Businesses have enjoyed tools that bring agility and speed to front-office, customer-facing applications. With expanded support for Oracle E-Business Suite in Delphix 5.0, many organizations now have a tool to do the same for their critical back-office applications.
  • New support for IBM DB2 means that customers can run Delphix on the vast majority of their database estate. This is a significant step forward in ensuring that Delphix can run anywhere and everywhere our customers need us.
  • Faster cloud migration with less risk of failure because you can test in the cloud before you switch over completely. If you hit any problems, simply roll back to the point prior to failure, fix it and try again.
  • Control all your data while freeing it up in a safe, secure deployment to anyone, and without limits. There are no constraints on hardware and software resources, nor are there unneeded demands on IT staff time because users can self-service their own data needs without straining the IT Ops teams.
  • Instantly create and instantly destroy data. This will be essential in all future digital enterprises. You won't be able to compete on a global scale without it.

Delphix 5.0 can help define the outer limits of what's possible with business agility.