After 3 months - what Delphix means to me

Written by Elizabeth Liu (Rice University '15, Delphix Intern, Summer 2014)

Written by Elizabeth Liu (Rice University '15, Delphix Intern, Summer 2014)

It's hard to explain succinctly what Delphix does. Personally, I think the details of the use cases and scenarios are pretty fascinating. But for me all that you really need to say is that Delphix at its core is about facilitating people to do better work. As a product, Delphix delivers data to its consumers quickly and efficiently so that people have the information they need to accomplish bigger and better feats. What's even better though is that attitude of empowerment and allowing others to do their best is not only in the product but also in the company culture.

Backing up for a little bit - hi, I'm Elizabeth. I'm a rising senior from Rice University interning this summer at Delphix in San Francisco, an amazing and lively city. However, the main reason that this summer has been incredible is that I actually thoroughly enjoy going to work every day.

One day involved Eric Schrock, the VP of engineering, casually conversing with us interns. He brought up a point that really resonated with me - the subject of company culture. While thinking back to my summer, I realized that the reasons that I had such a great time all boiled down to the cornerstones of the culture here - individual impact, end-to-end ownership, and empowering others. Externally, this might seem like some sort of corporate-speak, but I've found these three principles to be incredibly descriptive of the type of people and work that is done here.

At Delphix, interns are treated pretty similarly to full time employees. I have a technical mentor, Jordan, related to my summer project and a manager, Jeremy, who mentors me outside of my work on general challenges or questions I have. When I started at Delphix, I was given my pick of a project which really excited and motivated me since that allowed me to work on a feature I had personal investment in. My team immediately included me in meetings and brainstorming sessions which helped me understand the larger impact of my feature and gave me insight into where Delphix as a company was going. With this knowledge and the support of the people around me, I constantly felt able to move forward.

Elizabeth, and her mentor Jordan (Brown University '13), at Elizabeth's final project presentation.
Elizabeth, and her mentor Jordan (Brown University '13), at Elizabeth's final project presentation

My favorite part of my project was that it wasn't an isolated feature but rather required full-stack development and involved both back-end and front-end work. Rather than being sectioned off into my own team and division, I got to do my own investigation and really feel like I owned my project. Besides, delving into the unknown is part of what makes it exciting to work here. I implemented a new web services API as well as the GUI components that utilized that functionality. I was able to interact with engineers on all parts of the product, and being able to experience such breadth across an entire stack was a unique experience that, in my opinion, is rare for a student to have.

Out of everything, my favorite part of Delphix is the people who work here, because this concept of helping and empowering others to do more is so intrinsic in everyone. For example, I was able to push code on my second day of work - but this was only because Basil, my mentor for the first part of the summer, cleared his afternoon on the day I arrived and proceeded to spend the rest of the day introducing me to Delphix and the engineering process here.

There's no shortage of work to be done around here, but every time I have reached out to someone for help, they have responded promptly. When I casually mentioned on our daily engineering status report that I was starting to work on the GUI, DJ, an engineer on the front-end, immediately inquired what I was doing and proceeded to be a great help in the following weeks. Even though Jordan, my mentor, was remote for the first couple of weeks, he was constantly available and continued to be for the rest of the summer. I constantly see a genuine desire to help people and get the best possible product out.

Working at Delphix is something special because you are given interesting problems and given free reign to move forward with them. The people around you are brilliant and push you to do better, and I learn more every day.

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