Delphix in the Community

One of the frequent things you hear at Delphix is that a favorite aspect of work is the people you get to work with.

One of the frequent things you hear at Delphix is that a favorite aspect of work is the people you get to work with. People at Delphix are not only exceptionally smart and undeniably nice, they are also community citizens. Being a leader of the philanthropic program I am regularly affirmed of this belief. The company too is unique in its support of philanthropy despite the fact it is still young and growing. Bravo Delphix! A peek into this culture can be seen through our quarterly recognition of great work, I'd like to share recent winners of a donation grant to their charity of choice.

Jason, a true role model Jason regularly helps people in need including hard labor helping families clean up after flooding in Baton Rouge. He left in the middle of the night to drive to the location and help families whose homes had been flooded and had the unpleasant task of removing moldy furniture, carpeting, and drywall. More recently he also participated in an annual peanut butter project where a factory opens its doors off-hours to allow volunteers to make peanut butter for the local food bank. Peanut butter serves as an excellent source of protein and nutrition for people in compromised living situations. Jason, we are so proud of you! Thank you for all the things you do year round.

Thank you David: At Delphix we are pushing technology to its limits so equipment such as laptops which are perfectly functional don't quite meet the needs of our business. Rather than making more landfill, we thought we could share these systems to give them a second life at the local Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula. David volunteered to clean out proprietary information from 30 laptops, and prepared the systems for general use. The club was able to take these systems and make them available in the clubhouse to support the wonderful programs they have developing the students' technical skills and college preparation. Thanks you David for enabling Delphix to make a very impactful contribution to our immediate community.

UK team takes initiative: One of our Delphix peers has a close friend who was hit with the tragic loss of her 16 yr old son. In true Delphix form she took action, built a reluctant group of soon-to-be triathletes and completed a triathlon together to raise almost 3k GBP for their charity. Well done UK team, you are an inspiration to us all in more ways than one.

Brett, you inspire us Brett has spent time with Real Options for City Kids (ROCK) in SF. They provide academic and social options for at risk youth so they get involved with a Scavenger Hunt in San Francisco. Thanks Brett for raising our awareness to another great cause and for supporting your community.