Delphix and Pure Storage: Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

An increasing number of organizations are looking at Agile development methodologies to improve productivity and

An increasing number of organizations are looking at Agile development methodologies to improve productivity and reduce costs. Agile application development processes dictate maintenance of several environments to parallelize Development, Testing, QA and Staging efforts.

For every database application development project, companies typically create 8 to 10 copies. Within traditional enterprise architectures, as the number of application projects grows, so does the amount of data. Eventually these environments become massive tankers, difficult to move and manage, becoming a drag on application development and project delivery.

However, it is possible to reduce the footprint of these environments and enable faster application project delivery with Delphix. Our Agile Data Management solution minimizes the cost of data that customers bear over the application development lifecycle. Delphix uses in-line compression to reduce the data footprint on backend storage.

Across our customer base, we typically see a 3:1 data reduction through compression. The vast majority of storage savings, however, come from eliminating redundant data between the many environments. When customers provision new Virtual Databases (VDBs), Delphix does not create any duplicate blocks and incurs zero storage overhead. By only storing unique blocks, Delphix provides upwards of 10x in storage savings - the more VDBs created per source database, the more the storage savings will be.

At a high level, these data reduction techniques are way for Delphix to keep the data footprint as small as physically possible. Delphix provides these storage savings as a software virtual appliance regardless of the vendor providing the actual storage.

Combining Delphix with Pure Storage

Although Delphix is storage agnostic, when our technology is paired with that of Pure Storage, users can achieve a 10x improvement in price/performance, and achieve faster turnaround on their application projects.

One of our customers was looking to migrate development environments to faster storage in a remote datacenter. They have an Oracle EBS Database with 7 development environments. They used the native replication facility in Delphix to migrate their Oracle EBS source database and its corresponding VDBs to another Delphix Engine in the new datacenter.

Customers use replication for hybrid migrations, where a subset of environments are moving to a different datacenter with better SLAs, with minimal downtime. This allows our customers to stage their migrations without incurring project delays. Delphix compressed the source database to 400GB from 1.2 TB.

Before the migration, the storage footprint for Delphix was around 800GB on a traditional disk system. Although the data was already compressed by Delphix, after the migration to Pure Storage, the data footprint shrunk further down to 190GB. That is a 3.5x reduction in the data, after Delphix compressed it!  

Pure storage shrinks data using three methods: a homegrown compression algorithm, inline de-duplication and pattern removal. The combination of these technologies allows them to squeeze out 3.5x more reduction out of data we thought we had squeezed dry.

We know, moving to Flash based storage will give huge IOPs at sub-millisecond latency, but being able to achieve this kind of data reduction while maintaining high level of performance is truly remarkable. The tables above show a breakdown of the data reduction Pure storage is able to obtain from their compression and de-duplication.


storage footprint

The customer has been so pleased with Delphix and Pure Storage that their Director of IT has likened the combination to the pairing of Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Using a combination of Delphix and Pure Storage, this customer is now able to bring up 7 Oracle EBS environments using only 190GB; on a legacy architecture this would require 8.5TB.

This enables the customer to migrate many more environments onto faster storage, while reducing costs at the same time. The key enabler for Agile development processes is beyond the  orders of magnitude of storage savings delivered to our customers. Using Delphix technology, customers can create as many development environments as needed, within minutes, to meet project demands.

Corporations can now adopt Agile methodologies to database application development projects without paying the prohibitive cost of data.