Delphix now supports SAP ASE on AIX

For customers running SAP ASE, Delphix recently added support for the IBM AIX platform in the Delphix Engine release.

For customers running SAP ASE, Delphix recently added support for the IBM AIX platform in the Delphix Engine release. With support for AIX, Delphix brings the power of Data as a Service to even more organizations, particularly those in the financial services and healthcare industries.

By virtualizing the data in SAP ASE, Delphix not only helps eliminate up to 90% of the database infrastructure costs associated with application development, but also provides unique power features to development teams using SAP ASE on AIX. Whether customers are buying and implementing packaged applications (such as SAP ERP), building custom applications, or moving applications to the cloud, Delphix gives application development teams high quality data in just minutes.

Many customers - including organizations that rely on SAP ASE - are leveraging Delphix to deliver application projects 50% faster. Platform support for ASE on AIX expands the reach of both Delphix and SAP, further strengthening an important partnership. How Delphix Works The Delphix DaaS software platform first captures data from key application data sources.

Next, Delphix controls data across the application lifecycle, with functionality to version data as it changes, mask sensitive data for compliance, and manage user access. Finally, it creates and delivers lightweight, virtual copies for use by developers, testers, and business analysts. Delphix virtual copies behave just like regular data sources, but can be provisioned in 1/100th of the time and take up 1/10th of the infrastructure.

Moreover, Delphix keeps track of data changes in production over time, so copies can be reset to a prior state, refreshed to reflect the latest state of production, or bookmarked at specific points in time. Example: Delphix Shifts Testing to the Left Consider a scenario in which a firm running SAP utilizes an ASE-based sandbox environment to test custom ABAP code slated to be introduced into its ERP implementation.

To test the customizations, a QA team runs a series of tests that take 10 minutes, then initiates a process to restore the sandbox to its original state before running the next battery of tests. The restore process involves multiple IT administrators and consumes 8 hours of time, severely limiting the frequency of test cycles. Every time QA runs a test, it must wait 8 hours before performing the next iteration.

With Delphix DaaS, the QA team dramatically compresses this testing timeline: Before running an initial battery of tests, QA bookmarks their virtual ASE sandbox to establish a baseline state. And after running a test, QA can instantly reset the sandbox environment back to the bookmarked state without involving IT. The overall effect of this fast reset capability is that more testing occurs earlier in the software development lifecycle, allowing testers to identify bugs when they are easier and less expensive to fix.

This is just one example of how project teams can leverage DaaS to improve software quality, and ensure a steady flow of application features and releases to the business.