Introducing Delphix Engine 4.0

Today marks the release of version 4.0 of the Delphix Engine.

Today marks the release of version 4.0 of the Delphix Engine. I've had the privilege of being the release lead for this version of the product, and will continue in that role as we release 4.0 maintenance and patch releases going forward. Here's a brief overview of some of some of the new functionality being introduced.


We've diversified our portfolio of support for database platforms with the addition of PostgreSQL, including EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

EBS Support

Our customers will now benefit from integrated support for the virtualization of Oracle Enterprise Business Suite application data, which includes application binaries and configuration. With the existing support for Oracle database virtualization, entire EBS applications can now be linked and provisioned, reducing the cost associated with application development on EBS.

Cross-Platform Provisioning

Cross-platform provisioning is a central feature of the new Delphix Modernization Engine, and can also be purchased as an add-on to the base Delphix Engine. This feature converts an Oracle instance from Unix to Linux, which enables new database migration use cases.

Performance Analytics

We have introduced a new Performance Analytics screen to give administrators the tools necessary to identify performance bottlenecks. The first version of this GUI includes basic current and historical data for CPU, network, disk I/O, NFS and iSCSI. There are many future possibilities for this GUI and how it could be enhanced to allow for more powerful drill-down functionality and include data from additional sources. Stay tuned.


The above features include some of the more user-visible features that are new in 4.0, but our engineering team is also focused on the infrastructure behind the product in order to improve its quality, performance, scalability, security and supportability. Much of this work often goes unnoticed by end-users, and this is as it should be.

Notable infrastructure improvements in this release include:

  • Re-architecting of SnapSync and Oracle V2P to function over the Delphix Session Protocol which, among other things, has built-in compression, security and resiliency to temporary network outages, while improving the performance of each of these services.
  • Reimplementing the hostchecker tool in Java using a framework that we can use to share checks with the environment monitoring in the Delphix Engine.
  • Enhancing the Delphix Engine upgrade logic, so that upgrades from 4.0 to subsequent releases will include fewer manual tasks.
  • Reworking the Oracle LogSync algorithm to do a better job of keeping up with log change rates.
  • Implementing a new capacity metrics back-end that we will build upon in subsequent releases to bring our users more clarity around storage utilization and capacity planning.

It has been a pleasure to work with a large cross-section of the company to continue to advance our core product and bring our engineering innovation to our customers. Enjoy!