Introducing Delphix Engine 4.1

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing version 4.1 of the Delphix Engine.

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing version 4.1 of the Delphix Engine. As the release lead for 4.1 I have had the opportunity to see some great new features integrate and am excited to share some of the biggest ones here for the first time.


We've added the ability to virtualize a new database platform: SAP Sybase ASE. With each major release, we come closer to our goal of virtualizing all the data that enterprises can throw at us and adding support for the widely-used ASE platform takes us one more step along that path.

Oracle 12c Pluggable Databases

Users of Oracle 12c will benefit from deep integration of the new Pluggable Databases feature into the core Delphix product.

Application Data Virtualization on Windows

Windows users with lots of unstructured data files (such as application binaries, configuration files, etc.) will be excited to learn that this data can now be virtualized by the Delphix Engine with minimal storage and computation overhead.

Microsoft SQL Server Enhancements

The 4.1 release marks the addition of two new SQL Server features: support for AlwaysOn Availability Groups and the ability to use Red Gate SQL Backup Pro for creating database backups.


  • Added the ability to run networking benchmarks to test connection latency and throughput from your Delphix Engine without help from Delphix support.
  • Created a framework to make it easier to use privilege escalation tools other than "sudo" on hosts.

It has been a great opportunity to work with our engineering team to bring these new features to market and advance our product. I will be continuing in the release lead role to bring maintenance and patch releases throughout the lifetime of the release.

From everyone at Delphix, we hope you enjoy version 4.1!