Instant Secure Cloud Sandboxes with Full Production Datasets

Quali's addition of Delphix to their provides their customers with the unique ability to have access to full production datasets in minutes.

Subscribers and frequent visitors to my blog are aware that I am huge fan of Goldratt's 'Theory of Constraints'. That is why I am here at Delphix; because I believe that the Data Gap is currently the biggest constraint facing companies today. But once you have closed the Data Gap with Delphix, and can have terabytes of masked data near instantly, what's the next constraint?

Well, for deployment pipelines, a significant constraint is the inability to create replicas of production at any given time. The DevOps Handbook notes that the foundation of a deployment pipeline is to "ensure that we always use production-like environments at every stage of the value stream." The very next line says that these environments must be automatically created, as well. The goal: to be able to replicate production from, and at, any distinct point-in-time, from version control. With Delphix data virtualization, we now  have the ability to treat data-as-code. Now that infrastructure, network, applications, and data can be treated as code, we can finally move on to "environments-as-code", even to the nirvana of "production-as-code."

But a lot of you do not have the resources or ability to spin up production-like environments, certainly not multiple copies. Enter Quali. Quali has been providing dynamic production-like sandbox infrastructure via their Cloud Sandbox Platform for years to fortune 500 companies in the technology, service provider and financial services industries. Now Quali and Delphix have partnered together to provide data virtualization to their sandboxes so that customers can have near-instant access to full and/or masked production data sets, all while automatically complying with compliance and security regulations (i.e. PCI or GDPR). Quali is also extending the unique Delphix self-service controls to their customer as well, allowing them to bookmark, rewind, and refresh their data in minutes with a click of a button. 

Quali also helps you meet the next big constraint, according to The DevOps Handbook: Enabling Fast and Automated Testing. Quali not only provides you with production-like infrastructure, but can also model and control testing tool and virtual services as part of the sandbox. 

Register to join me and Quali's Pascal Joly in a webinar March 8th to learn more about this unique offering and to see a demo of Delphix + Quali in action!