Stand Up, Lift Up: PBWC Attendees Apply Their Learnings at Delphix

Diversity and inclusion isn’t an easy task, but making it a reality for Delphix is a priority. 

Twenty women and men from Delphix attended the Professional Business Women of California conference last month, where the theme was “Stand up, Lift up.” There, they were encouraged to find their authentic voice, and we’re encouraging them to bring those learnings back to Delphix. This month, a few of the attendees met up to discuss the event and their impressions in this podcast

One of our attendees, Elena Keush’s favorite takeaway was that even if you fail, you can lift up and keep moving forward in your career. Another attendee, Jaclyn Schoof, was gratified to hear how different kinds of questions that come from different perspectives helps drive progress forward, underscoring the importance of diversity and inclusion. Elizabeth Liu was impressed with the number and diverse backgrounds of the women speaking at the event.

The attendees were grateful for the opportunity to hear other women, because it encouraged them to think about the diversity of our teams. Diversity and inclusion isn’t an easy task, but making it a reality for Delphix is a priority. 

Outside of work, the attendees were also encouraged by the talk given by Manal al-Sharif, Co-Founder of Women2Drive and CEO and Founder of Women2Hack Academy who, reminded the audience that when possible, we also should be lifting ourselves up, by setting micro goals for ourselves daily, to broaden and expand our horizons. When women are both supporting one another, as well as advocating for and growing within ourselves, we’ll see the greatest strides in our own personal growth. 

Check out the podcast to hear more of the team’s takeaways, and check out Eric Schrock’s recent blog post about the importance of diversity and inclusion in our team at Delphix.