AWS re:Invent 2019 is Approaching at Hyperspeed – Are You Ready?

By: Jenny Lee
It’s that time of the year again when Las Vegas becomes the host of the largest cloud event of the industry. With just a couple of weeks to go, here are a few reasons not to miss Delphix at re:Invent.

The first week of December is right around the corner and soon tens of thousands of the galaxy’s most elite cloud practitioners will descend upon Las Vegas for cloud computing’s most anticipated event of the year.

Delphix will be returning to cloud city this year Star Wars style and with the full Force of DevOps! As we gear up for a spectacular week at re:Invent, we’ve reimagined the attendee experience to inspire you with revolutionary ways to transform how you build for your customers.  

Catch a Demo at Booth #3623

Whatever part of earth you’re from and wherever you are in your AWS cloud journey, Delphix is here to shift your cloud and digital transformation missions into hyperdrive! Roll by the Delphix booth to speak to our product experts and see demos on how to: 

  • Deliver terabytes of data in minutes
  • Provision secure, virtual copies of production for application development, debugging, or migration projects from a variety of SQL/NoSQL/cloud-native data sources
  • Manage your data the way you manage code
  • Automatically profile and mask sensitive data consistently across heterogeneous data sources and disparate locations 

Book a 1:1 DevOps Jedi Mastery Session 

Internationally renowned DevOps and cloud transformation leader Sanjeev Sharma will join Delphix this year to train the next generation of DevOps Jedis. He’s had more than two decades of experience helping hundreds of enterprises across the galaxy feel The Force of DevOps.  

Book an exclusive 25 minute session with Sanjeev, so he can assess your current DevOps state and help you wield data like a grand master of the order. 

Claim Swag & Experiences Cooler than a Dead Star

Whichever keynotes, technical sessions, and after-hours events you end up attending this year, returning from your re:Invent excursion without some stellar stories and swag would be blasphemous! 

For the first evening only, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a Star Wars themed social media photo booth. Snap some photos and transmit them into your social universe to pick up a Fandango Star Wars gift card (while supplies last). 

Also be on the lookout for our DevOps Jedi Knights, who will be on the show floor with their lightsabers to lead the way to the Delphix booth (#3623 - upper right quadrant, near the Health and Wellness Lounge). Make sure to swing by for some galactic giveaways--including a chance to win a Star Wars Millennium Falcon LEGO set and pick up a lightsaber of your own to slash your data migration and security risks in the cloud

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