Modernizing Test Data Management Is Key To Digital Business

The latest Delphix white paper Modernizing Test Data Management With Data Distribution, Quality, Security, and Cost carries a message about speed that should catch a lot of attention in the C-suite.

The latest Delphix whitepaper Modernizing Test Data Management With Data Distribution, Quality, Security, and Cost carries a message about speed that should catch a lot of attention in the C-suite.

There's a global rush by large enterprises to build more applications in a digital business world, software becomes one of the most important differentiators. But rushing apps into production is risky business because bugs can get through. Bugs discovered when the app is in production already are the most expensive bugs of all.

This is why testing applications is hugely important and it means you cannot speed up app development unless you can speed up testing.

Testing apps properly means testing against real data, which means a copy of the production database has to be masked and set up on IT systems the test teams can use. Provisioning the hardware and software for a testing team can take weeks; then resetting each test can take hours, which means there's a limited amount of time to get the bugs out.

The new whitepaper steps the reader through the many onerous stages and processes that Test Data Management requires. And it shows how the Delphix approach speeds everything up dramatically from provisioning IT systems for test data in minutes to self-service resetting of test data by developers in a couple of clicks.

The paper includes an example from a large health plan provider showing the process it took for its Test Data Management systems.

There is also an example of a Fortune 500 financial services company that used Delphix to speed up application development and raise the quality of its software by discovering more bugs in less time:

The firm estimated that they reduced overall defect rates by 60 percent and improved productivity across 800+ developers and testers by 25 percent. They also dramatically reduced storage requirements by almost 200 TB, enabling them to accommodate massive platform growth without expanding their existing infrastructure.

Speed doesn't have to come with a penalty in other areas. You can find more bugs in less time if you don't have to wait hours for a database administrator to come and reset the database self-service tools in Delphix software enable developers to do it themselves in minutes. Faster and more thorough Test Data Management means faster delivery of apps a and that means faster achievement of business goals. Delphix enables business agility by making the data agile.