Ready for a Rewind? See the Top Moments That Fueled the DataOps Movement in 2019

As another year wraps up, we reflect on the pivotal moments that pushed DataOps forward and boosted adoption this year.

At the end of each year, it’s human nature to look back. This last year flew by in an instant, and we saw many technology trends (all promising to take businesses to new heights) come and go. But as some fell by the wayside, DataOps has continued to pick up steam as more companies wake up to the reality that every company is a data company today. As 2019 draws to a close, and we gear up for some much-deserved rest — we take a look back at the major moments that pushed the rapidly growing DataOps movement forward. 

Gartner Positions DataOps on the Rise in 2019 (Again) 

Last year, leading analyst firm Gartner put DataOps on the map by including the practice for the first time on the hotly-anticipated Gartner Hype Cycle Reports for Data Management. In 2019, DataOps made the rounds again on three separate Gartner Hype Cycle Reports — proving that the industry continues to coalesce around the practice and that it’s no flash in the pan. 

Gartner already reports that the number of searches for DataOps on their website has more than tripled this year since first recognizing it last year. The continued investment, interest and excitement from both practitioners and trend-followers like Gartner proves that DataOps is rapidly becoming an industry-defining force much like DevOps a decade ago. Learn more about DataOps in the Gartner Hype Cycle here

Surge of New DataOps Champions and Evangelists 

Yes, analysts are talking about the potential of DataOps, but the real movement is the grassroots, the everyday practitioners that both use and evangelize the practice to their fellow enterprise teams across the world. In 2019, we saw more and more enterprise software companies do that — such as StreamSets, who hosted its first DataOps summit this year. 

Delphix customers Belkin and SelectHealth shared how they’ve turned to DataOps to bring innovation and stay ahead of the competition. Delphix customers make up one-third of companies in the Fortune 50, many of which are category leaders across industries from retail to finance and healthcare. Using DataOps, they deliver data up to 100 times faster than traditional methods, and sport 75 percent shorter development cycle times as a result. 

But it’s not just companies. Gene Kim’s newest book “The Unicorn Project” includes an excerpt on DataOps, demonstrating how it’s gaining traction as part of the new wave DevOps movement. And this year Christina Cardoza, news editor for Software Development Times, wrote: “Data is now becoming a roadblock to Agile and DevOps initiatives. As a result, development teams are starting to turn to DataOps to help speed up that data layer.” Read on about DataOps in the press here

Launch of the World’s First DataOps Community 

As DataOps adoption skyrocketed in the past year, we embarked on a mission earlier this year to create a destination that moves beyond a support forum and becomes a one-stop-shop for knowledge sharing, problem-solving, exclusive events, and other information vital for building world-class DataOps practices and teams. Check out the Delphix DataOps Community here

Opening of the Industry’s First DataOps Marketplace

In our latest product launch, we announced the new DataOps Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind destination for data teams to bring rapid and secure data delivery from any and all data source across a broad array of development workflows and toolchains. We want to empower companies to collaborate with and manage secure data, helping them reach their strategic business objectives by delivering the right data to the right users at the right time. Explore everything the DataOps Marketplace has to offer. 

Debuted the First Issue of Data Company Magazine

Last but not least, to support DataOps initiatives across the world, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Data Company Magazine: our first industry-wide publication that highlights leading companies that are using data to change the world. We’ve thoughtfully curated a collection of expert analyses and developed stories that spotlight change-makers who are driving transformation using data. 

In the inaugural edition, you can also find the latest figures and highlights from 451 Research on how companies across North America are using DataOps to drive business agility across key verticals like banking, retail, healthcare and more. Flip through the first edition on the website

Stay tuned for more from on DataOps and Delphix in the year ahead! 

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