Delphix and Women in Technology

Wow, what a whirlwind Fall season it's been! Delphix's biggest Fall recruiting season to date is almost behind us.

Wow, what a whirlwind Fall season it's been! Delphix's biggest Fall recruiting season to date is almost behind us. As I look back on this recruiting season (note, the first season Delphix has had a formal University Relations program in place) I am amazed with what this team has done - 10 schools, 36+ events, and too many interviews to count. But, something that is has stayed close to me personally, and that I've been most passionate about, is our diversity programs to empower and promote women to pursue degrees in technology and careers in software development.

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We've engaged with the Women in CS groups across most of the campuses. At UIUC we hosted a tech talk with the Women in CS group - over 40 students attended for dinner and a tech talk on Delphix and the opportunities we have. At Brown we sponsored Artemis, a Summer camp for high school freshmen interested in pursuing computer science.

I attended one of the days with a Delphix Summer intern (and Brown student), and led a conversation on the stereotypes of women in computer science and what young women can do to change these stereotypes. Over Google Hangout, Delphix has facilitated collaboration amongst the leaders of women in CS groups across all the schools we recruit at. We've made some strides this season! But, the effort I would like to highlight is the Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women.

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This is now the second year in a row that Delphix is sponsoring the Technology Scholarship for Women. The scholarship is inspired by a pillar of our culture here, which is the importance of building the best product possible for our customers. This means building the product with a diverse team of engineers. As women are an underrepresented demographic in the computer science field, finding diverse candidates is a challenge.

Technology Scholarship for Women is our effort to encourage and empower more women to pursue degrees in technology, and we've created this coding competition to choose the scholarship winner. To date, we've had several submissions, and with just about one week left until the deadline, we are looking forward to many more! To learn more and submit your application visit The deadline is November 16th at 11:59pm PST.