On the Front Lines of A Funding Announcement

Written by Alexandros Mathopoulos (Babson College '17)

Written by Alexandros Mathopoulos (Babson College '17)

When I look back to how I felt right before joining Delphix, the only word that comes to mind is fear. I had just signed an offer with a company whose product was so sophisticated, I wasn't sure I even fully grasped what it was. On top of that I had never been to the West Coast, let alone the tech-saturated San Francisco. So how have the last 2 months been - did I crash, burn and fail? Actually no, not even close. My two months at Delphix have included of the most high growth and adventurous experiences of my life. I have been able to join a team of highly motivated individuals who have not only made my time here amazing, but work every day to make the company succeed.

A Steeeep Learning Curve 

I can honestly say that during my first two weeks at Delphix I left work, every day, with my head throbbing from information overload. I know that sounds like a negative, but let me explain. The really cool thing about Delphix is that the product is unprecedented. It delivers results at many many times faster than any competitor and is really in a category of its own. But, this also means that technically the software is very complicated and not always easy for newcomers, hence the head throbbing.

Every new hire in Sales and Marketing is required to go through "New Hires Training" where we are put through an intense 1-week training course where we learn the ins and outs of the product, including how to sell it to companies. Was this a lot of work? Yes. Was it worth it? Definitely. What would have taken me 4 months to learn from just picking up information here and there, I learned with a group of great individuals in just one week. After that, I could get to the real work and make an even greater impact.

No Chance of Failure

The other very noticeable characteristic I have noticed while being at Delphix for these short two months is the high level of optimism and lack of doubt for the success of the organization. Our team does not go through day to day fearing that we may fail or the company will not succeed. There is never any talk like this.

There is simply an attitude that odds are in our favor to dominate, and to be successful, and it's a matter of getting there. I find this amazing, because it allows us all to focus on our work and the big picture of what Delphix means without distraction of whether or not our work will bring impact.

My Favorite Experience

How many marketers, let alone interns, do you think get to be on the front lines during a huge funding announcement? The answer is a select few. On Monday, July 13, 2015 Delphix announced it had just closed $75 million in Series D funding from investors like Fidelity Investments and the Kraft Group. I can honestly say that, that Monday was my busiest ever at Delphix.

Why? Because I was at the front line watching, analyzing, responding, sharing all of the news through Social Media. All of this began at 5:00 am Monday and continued all week long. It was amazing to see the whole company rally around this news and spread it through the news and social channels. Being the one in complete control of all social media during this time, I can honestly say that I felt incredibly supported by the whole company in everything I was doing to make sure the world knew about this news.

There I was, just an intern at the front lines of this incredible announcement. Interning at Delphix has meant a steep learning curve and a lots of professional growth experiences I wouldn't have otherwise had.