The interns are here! An overview of Summer 2016 at Delphix

The Delphix intern program began in 2013 with one Engineering intern in our San Francisco office, and has come a long way in size, distribution, and diversity.

The Delphix intern program began in 2013 with one Engineering intern in our San Francisco office, and has come a long way in size, distribution, and diversity. This summer Delphix has twenty interns in the Bay Area, across Engineering Development, Quality Engineering, Product Management, and Program Management teams. The majority of interns sit in our San Francisco office, with a few at Headquarters in Menlo Park. Women make up twenty-five percent of our intern class, a jump from last summer when the number was just seven percent.

This is an especially exciting time to be at Delphix. We not only have our new CEO Chris Cook, who from his first day has shown much enthusiasm and investment in our intern program, but we are growing rapidly, building faster, and greatly increasing our visibility as a company. This means that the projects our interns receive are interesting, challenging, and drive real value as part of the Delphix product.

In addition, at Delphix we place a lot of value on mentorship. For interns, this is an opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the most experienced minds in the tech industry. Our Engineering and Product/Program Management teams are still relatively small, allowing close collaboration between interns and their team members, as well as more opportunity to interact with people from different areas of the company, and even some of our customers.

Another goal of our program is to give interns as much exposure to Delphix as possible. This includes deep dives into our product, our culture, and our leadership. Throughout the summer, interns are invited to a variety of events, both intern program-specific and company-wide. These range from social events like bocce ball with mentors and managers at the Ferry Building, to our executive lunch series, where VPs sit down with interns to discuss their career path and share their advice and experiences. Intern Week brings together all of these experiences, drawing on product demos and social events to celebrate our technology and our people.

As Delphix increases its employee headcount around the world, we have grown our intern program to include not only new departments, but also new schools. This summer we welcome interns from fourteen schools, including nine new schools (Duke University; University of Michigan; Rochester Institute of Technology; Rutgers University; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; The University of Texas at Dallas; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Yale University), in addition to the schools we have hosted interns from in the past (University of California, Berkeley; Brown University; Rice University; San Jose State University; University of Washington). We're excited that broadening the diversity of our university recruiting efforts will ultimately lead to greater diversity among our engineering teams, and within Delphix as a whole.

And as Delphix expands nationally to include offices in Boston and Atlanta, we plan to continue expanding the intern program accordingly. This will mean recruiting at new schools on the East Coast and in the South, further broadening the diversity of our program. Our interns around the country will have access to local events and speaker series, as well as the opportunity to fly out to Headquarters in the Bay Area for Intern Week and meet with the other interns.

We are heading to campus in just a few months, and are excited to continue building our University Recruiting program!

Delphix Interns 2016