The Life of a Delphix Intern: Christian Rosales

An individual's career growth is a long term moving project. You branch out seeking to obtain as much space and knowledge of the world around you.

Written by Christian Rosales (University of California, Los Angeles '17) - 

Delphix through the lens of a Program Management Intern

An individual's career growth is a long term moving project. You branch out seeking to obtain as much space and knowledge of the world around you. You begin to experience various environmental changes. Most importantly you receive the important nutrients to grow with the help of the world around you. Each project has hierarchal branches built on a central trunk that expands upon our existing product. Projects build to a central point that is often more complex than it seems. The underlying work done by the roots is often times not visible, yet the growth stemming from those roots is noticeable. Program management works as the roots to the project that in return steer the success of the involved teams. Many program managers agree that one of the best signs of a successful and smooth project is when the efforts of program management runs unnoticed.

Like every college student looking for an opportunity to build upon skills over the summer, I ecstatically sought out an opportunity in Silicon Valley. I felt the most important part of an internship would be the mentorship and challenge offered to the interns. This summer, I interned as the first ever program management intern at Delphix. As soon as I joined Delphix, I realized that this internship program would quickly exceed my hopes. With little to no experience in the software industry, I had quite some adjusting to do. However, from the start of the first day of my internship with PgM, I received immediate mentorship and constant support from the entire team of very qualified engineers with technical backgrounds. At Delphix I was given the opportunity to grow in all aspects of my career. Delphix not only has a great mentorship program for all its interns, but it also has great supporting staff and interactive teams that constantly provide the immediate feedback that is needed to succeed in a fast growing company.

The projects I worked on this summer ranged from building a customer dashboard database with the help of product management to evaluating project management tools that will immediately impact how the entire team functions. With the help of my mentor, I managed to successfully implement the customer dashboard to the program management team that in return will help them keep track of beta and demo customer interactions for years to come. The program management team encouraged me to take initiative in projects while giving me liberty to guide the direction of the project as a whole. The ability to have an interactive experience with the projects I was assigned helped me adopt a view towards team building vision - essential in a company that values team collaboration.

Aside from technical work throughout the summer, all of the summer interns are invited to lunches during various speaker panels to further understand how the company functions in different teams and to learn about other opportunities at Delphix. One of my most impactful memories during the internship has been the ability to speak to our CEO, Chris Cook, during monthly meetings or lunch hour. The internship program is set up so that interns absorb as much information as possible while interacting and meeting each other at a personal level during company intern events. As I wrap up my last project, I have come to realize how much personal growth I've obtained over the course of the summer thanks to the support of my mentor, team members and rigorous challenges that Delphix offers its interns.