Rapid Ramp with BTC

Written by Louis Evans, Product Marketing Manager (Harvard '13)

Written by Louis Evans, Product Marketing Manager (Harvard '13)

When I took a job at Delphix, I knew what sort of employer I was looking for. I wanted to work for a company where smart people took on hard problems. I wanted to work for the private sector, and the tech industry in particular. I wanted to work for a company that had a real product and a real business plan, that made something of clear value, instead of ending up somewhere that served as a vanity project in computer science. I wanted to leave the east coast and see a bit more of the world, or at least the country. Delphix had all of those things.

What I didn't know was the sort of employee I could be, what role I could perform. Delphix was a huge leap outside of my previous experience. I hadn't studied computer science, and I was unfamiliar with the world of enterprise software. I knew I wanted to work for a company like Delphix, but I also knew that I'd need a role that would give me room to learn, grow, and ultimately find the work that best suited my skills and interests.

That's why Delphix's Business Technology Consulting role was such a good fit for me. The program started with an extended training period, familiarizing me with the new industry I was entering. Then, I hit the ground running, working directly with sales teams and customers to understand and explain the value that Delphix can provide. This work gave me an intimate and practical understanding of both Delphix the product and Delphix the business, one that few jobs offer.

As time went on, however, I found myself more engaged with marketing projects, working to write white papers and data sheets explaining how Delphix works and what it can do. While I still found the modeling and presentation work I'd done for deals interesting, marketing work took up more and more of my time, including travel to Orlando. (That's me in the shark suit.) I came to feel that working for the marketing team would be the best fit for me, moving forward.

louis evans in shark suit

Now, I was nervous about a transition like that. And the BTC team works so hard, I didn't want to leave anyone in the lurch. But I knew that BTC had given me a strong set of skills and knowledge that would let me thrive in marketing. And my managers--old and new--were incredibly supportive, helping me to shift over my workload to ensure a smooth transition.  

I'm a product marketing manager, now, but I wouldn't be where I am without my time as a Business Technology Consultant. It was an amazing start at an amazing company.