The Life of a Delphix Intern: Neal Quigley

With degrees in history and teaching, I am not your typical software engineer intern.

With degrees in history and teaching, I am not your typical software engineer intern. While I had already spent a decade in the workforce, the idea of taking this first step in a totally new career was as daunting as it was exciting. Luckily, the intern experience at Delphix was exactly what I had been hoping for: an opportunity to work on innovative software in a supportive, dynamic and fun environment.

My journey to computer science was roundabout. I spent just one week as a computer science major during my undergrad until I decided to study history, leading me to decade of working in a variety of roles, including a librarian, teacher and nonprofit professional. But my interest in technology and technically challenging work persisted, so I eventually revisited my freshman year dream by enrolling in a second bachelor’s degree program at Oregon State University. 

Thanks to a friend and current Delphix engineer, I became aware of Delphix just as I was ready to look at summer internships. Within weeks, I had moved from “What’s Delphix?” to being certain this was a place I wanted to pursue a new career path.

During the interview process, it was clear that every person I spoke with loved their job and engaged with me in a challenging yet friendly manner. After beginning my internship on the Oracle development team, my mentor, Elizabeth, quickly brought me up to speed and struck a perfect balance of encouraging independent learning while always being available to help me work through sticking points. 

Similarly, dozens of my coworkers were also available whenever I had a question, which helped me improve my engineering skills rapidly over the summer. Oracle itself is an immense topic, never mind the challenges of learning a production codebase. I can only marvel at how effectively I was guided through the process - going from being terrified to make the smallest code change to confidently tackling my summer project of implementing a customer-requested expansion when provisioning virtual Oracle databases in the Delphix Engine.

What I valued most about my time at Delphix is having the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the business. Unlike many of my classmates’ experiences at other companies, I was able to delve into the guts of our codebase and add a feature that had been requested by multiple major customers. In addition to the incredibly satisfying work, my fellow interns and I also enjoyed perks, such as teaming up for local volunteer opportunities, doing brown bags lunches with technical leaders and senior executives and an intern day out in the city.

To any computer science students who might be reading this, I can confidently recommend that you apply to an internship program at Delphix. Besides having the opportunity to work for a leader in the emerging DataOps movement, you will be treated as a peer from day one, mentored conscientiously and exposed to a welcoming and fun work culture. My summer was characterized by all of that and more, and I’m grateful to have been able to take these early steps into the world of professional software development at a company like Delphix.