Delphix Intern Series: Zach Burke

The Delphix University Relations program recruits new grads from universities all around the country. Recruiting new college grads brings high potential talent into our organization, and is a significant part of our talent strategy. We asked one of our Summer 2017 interns, Zach, to share a little bit about his experience here.

Why did you decide to intern at/join Delphix?

When my summer 2017 internship search began, I had very little idea of what I was looking for aside from a small list of companies I had decided were my top choices. Each step of the interview process made it increasingly clear that Delphix was where I wanted to spend my summer. The genuineness of each Delphix employee I spoke with made deciding to join the team a breeze. Everyone involved cared deeply about which candidates they were going to be bringing on to work with them. To me this seemed like a good sign that I’d be working with a lot of great people, and this turned out to be very true! The people I got to work with all summer are what really made this experience so awesome.

Additionally, I really liked the emphasis on mentorship that came up in the conversations I had while interviewing. This also turned out to be accurate as my mentor, Jorge, was incredibly helpful throughout the summer! Beyond this, everyone I spoke to was open to offering help at any time. Having a group of talented people to go to with my questions was great!

What advice do you have to students applying for internships or new grad positions?

My biggest piece of advice, based purely on my own experience, is to keep your options as open as possible! Since I wasn’t sure about what kind of company I wanted to end up at, this mostly meant submitting a lot of applications and saying yes to every initial phone screen or interview I could get, no matter what. Before being asked to speak with Amanda, I knew very little about Delphix and truthfully wasn’t sure I’d be interested in working here at all. By the end of that first conversation, it was my number one choice! Don’t be too picky right away, even if you think you know exactly what you want. You might be surprised!

What was it like collaborating with the team at Delphix?

It didn’t take very long for me to realize how intelligent everyone in the office is, and this was definitely a bit intimidating at first. However, everyone was really easy to get along with and inviting when it came to asking questions. I owe everything I learned to everyone that helped out throughout the summer! Jorge definitely was awesome as my mentor – I learned a lot working with him! Jules Tamagnan also provided guidance throughout the entire time I was working on my intern project. A big thank you to those individuals specifically, as well as everyone else involved in making this internship so great!

About Zach: Zach is a studying computer science at Rutgers University. This Summer Zach worked on the MSSql QA team. In his free time, he enjoys movies and amusement parks.