Unleashing the Power of Backup Data from Oracle and SQL Server to Boost Application Development

Is stale data holding your enterprise back from making critical business decisions quickly and efficiently? Find out how to make the most of backup data from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to release higher quality software faster with greater confidence.

Enterprise applications are the fuel to digital disruption, and when it comes to building, testing and deploying new apps, speed and quality matter. The pace at which organizations can bring new products and services to market determines their ability to become leaders in their respective industries and retain market share. 

But enterprise software teams oftentimes lack access to high-quality data. They’re forced to work with stale copies of production data that result in low productivity, a boost in data-related issues, a surge in storage costs - even worse, they often cut corners to get data any way they can. 

To help enterprise software teams achieve higher quality products at high velocity, the Delphix platform enables enterprises to leverage existing backup data from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server for application development and quality assurance. Because regular backups are critical to mitigating data loss, many enterprises already have the infrastructure, policy and strategy in place for backup and recovery. 

For this reason, this repository of near real-time production data can be used to power application development and QA projects once sensitive data is secured. Coupled with built-in masking technology, our single platform solution enables the rapid delivery of data to key stakeholders while minimizing data risk, enabling the fast provisioning of secure data for application development, test and analytics purposes. 

Ingesting backup data does not require any changes to production nor does it run backup commands against the production system. Rather, teams are empowered to leverage existing backup data from production and pull fresh data into the platform, resulting in a simpler and more convenient ingestion technique for any initiative. As a result, organizations can easily set up their backup systems and quickly provision, refresh and tear down data environments, making it possible for teams to reach faster time to market.

What’s the takeaway? Innovation velocity does not have to be at odds with data security. Enterprise software teams now move at speed with greater accessibility to high-quality data using a platform-based approach helps businesses keep pace with today’s evolving application lifecycle. 

Download this solution brief to get an in-depth look at Delphix for backup ingestion.