WeAreDelphix: Andrew Yobs

In our newest employee spotlight, meet Andrew Yobs from Engineering. Learn about what inspired him to join Delphix, his dual role on the QA and UI teams, and his passion for the sport of fencing.

What do you do at Delphix and what inspired you to join the company? 

Currently, I’m part of both the end-user QA team managing our UI automation, as well as the orbital team for UI development. For the UI testing side of things, I handle the end-to-end tests, along with maintenance and upgrading of the infrastructure. 

I joined Delphix in 2015 after spending two summers here as an intern. During those internships, I worked entirely on QA infrastructure to improve our dashboard and to redesign the blackbox page. I spent quite a bit of time writing the current UI for the blackbox self-service, which is the internal tool we use for kicking off automation runs manually. My changes helped enhance the UI with new functionality that is still used today.

You can ask me anything about…? 

Automating the UI tests, infrastructure, and workflow practices. I’ve had the opportunity to work with automating UI tests for front-end features including appdata, network security, replication, and jetstream in the past. Because of this, I’ve had exposure to not only the technologies themselves, but how they interact with our new features as we continue adding tests.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on at Delphix? 

Upgrading the core of the UI automation infrastructure—one of the longest running projects I’ve had, and we just recently completed it! This took me on a journey of learning not only how our automation works but also improving it by moving off of our on-premise servers into AWS. To accomplish this, the team and I created an Ansible server to host and manage the new Zalenium infrastructure.

What this brings to the engineering organization is that we will have faster, more stable, and better reproducible UI testing from this project. It also results in some neat features like recordings to either review where the run went wrong or to share how a workflow is done for manual reproduction.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Sleep is the most efficient debugging tool. Especially during this recent work from home situation, it is very easy to think that working through the night will make everything fall into place. However, this almost certainly results in lost sleep and lost efficiency. I’ve learned that approaching the problem fully rested allows me to think through it properly, dramatically improving my productivity. This becomes even more important with the larger scoped problems.

What’s your secret talent?

Fencing. I started in middle school and continued with it through university at San Jose State University’s Fencing Club. Even though I didn’t actively participate in the competitive scene, sabre bouts with other members at the club was something I always looked forward to.

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What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

Sore Feet Song by Ally Kerr. While the song starts off somber, the lyrics become more comical to the point that it cheers me up in the end. 

What drives you everyday? 

The multitude and diversity of the areas I get to work on for the Delphix product. It feels like every couple of months, I get to work on new projects, whether it be as part of a new front-end project that needs automation, infrastructure work, or UI development. This extreme fluidity in the work is refreshing and keeps things from feeling stale!