WeAreDelphix: Sonali Sharma

Here's an inside look at what it's like to work at Delphix, balancing family life and leading engineering initiatives from our very own Sonali Sharma.

Tell us about your role and team at Delphix.

I’m an Engineering Development Manager based in the Delphix India office. My team and I are responsible for building and improving Delphix’s compliance product, which allows our enterprise customers to meet global and regional data privacy regulations while protecting their data against cyber attacks.

How did you get started in software engineering, and what brought you to Delphix?

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I started my journey as a software engineer with Perot Systems, an IT services provider for healthcare, government, manufacturing, banking, and insurance. Over the past 15 years, I’ve gained experience developing complex solutions in various domains, including finance, DNS servers, and GPS tracking. I was inspired to join Delphix because of its uniqueness in the market. The ability to virtualise and secure sensitive data from various data sources is a one-of-a-kind capability that gives Delphix a unique differentiator in the market.

What are interesting technical challenges you face in your role?

Each day comes with new learnings and challenges. What I find most fascinating but complex at the same time in my role is designing new features that are compatible with the various needs of customers. Enterprises manage torrents of data across multiple data sources, and each data source has its own characteristics, limitations, and behaviors. Delphix can essentially connect to any data source and application from legacy mainframe to cloud-native, which is pretty amazing. For example, Delphix supports delimited files like CSVs, and these files can be hosted on a variety of data sources, like NFS, AWS S3, and SFTP servers.

What is your favorite piece of technology and why?

Our masking algorithms. These algorithms have a lot of tunable configurations that behave differently based on different use cases.

Are there any challenging features you’re working on or have worked on at Delphix that you’re extra proud of?

Currently, my team is working on a new functionality that will allow customers to mask massive amounts of data in record time.

What do you like about Delphix’s engineering team?

Curiosity to solve complex problems and deep diving into technical details are the two things I really like about Delphix’s engineering culture. In addition to those things, the company as a whole fosters a collaborative work environment.

How has your time at Delphix shaped your career?

Delphix has played a crucial role in my career. I believe Delphix is a great place for individuals who want to contribute wholeheartedly. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to move into a management role. This transition has been a great learning experience for me both personally and professionally. The support I’ve received from my team members and managers have been phenomenal.

What can prospective employees in engineering expect to find at Delphix?

Delphix is an amazing place to work, and employees can look forward to continuous learning and a healthy environment that drives them to give their best every day. Our culture code is made up of Curiosity, Clarity, Continuous Excellence, and Care, and these things contribute to how each of us behave and work towards the company vision and mission.

What’s a fun fact about you that people may not know?

I have photographic memory when it comes to numbers and dates. I’ve gotten into the habit of referring to projects by the Jira issue number rather than the actual description or name!

Lastly, what does your remote work set-up look like?

While working from home, I also take care of my 5-year-old daughter and help her with her online classes. She likes to be part of my meetings sometimes. She is very talkative and has already talked to all my team members at least once.

Delphix employee spotlight Sonali Sharma