Delphix Hosts Industry Thought Leaders for Cloud Field Day 3

The Delphix team offered a behind-the-scenes look at Delphix DevOps Data Platform, and explained how companies utilizing the platform are able to quickly access and secure data in the cloud.

Tension and friction were the focus at yesterday’s Cloud Field Day 3 event  — specifically, how to get rid of them. Delphix hosted a group of top IT, Security and DevOps thought leaders at our Redwood City HQ yesterday to tackle the tough topics of eliminating data friction and addressing the tension between speed and security in the enterprise cloud.

“Enterprises are nervous. They don't want to be the next breach headline, but they need to move fast and get data to the people who need it,” explained Patrick Lightbody, SVP of Product Management at Delphix. “We eliminate that friction so you can move data quickly while keeping it secure”

Delphix hosted the delegates as part of Gestalt IT’s Cloud Field Day traveling roadshow on Wednesday. The group discussed the relationship of data and the cloud in today’s era of digital transformation. The event and livestreaming series pairs the industry’s best independent influencers with leading IT vendors to exchange ideas around the impact of cloud on enterprise IT and the biggest cloud challenges facing modern organizations.

The Delphix team offered a behind-the-scenes look at Delphix Data Platform, and explained how companies utilizing the platform are able to quickly access and secure data in the cloud. Lightbody kicked off the event by speaking to the tension that’s plaguing companies when it comes to accessing their data. Security needs, business constraints, slow-moving approval processes and other factors serve as difficult barriers to data freedom – many enterprises still struggle with how to unlock data and handle cloud migration — all while keeping it secure.

“Organizations everywhere want to move faster, but they’re unsure how. No one wants to get caught off-guard by an AirBnB, Uber or the next big thing,” said Lightbody.  "People are still getting used to how to work in the cloud, so [Delphix is] effectively giving them training wheels by providing them with data in a desensitized environment.”

Woody Evans, VP PreSales, showcased how companies are using Delphix to accelerate and simplify cloud adoption — providing a real-time demonstration of how Data Pods can efficiently replicate data to the cloud from on-premise hardware and other sources. Evans explained how Delphix allows users to provision space-efficient cloud environments in order to make data easier to work with and more reliable.

"For developers, all those barriers that keep you from doing what you want to do disappear,” Evans told attendees.

But the topic that came up the most amongst the delegates was the question of data security. With Europe’s GDPR on the horizon and news breaking almost weekly of the latest data leak or breach, customer privacy is on the forefront of every company’s mind. It’s a double-edge sword, the Delphix team explained. Companies need a rapid, efficient flow of data throughout the organization to unlock innovation, but no one wants to increase their risk of a data breach. Jeff Zeisler, SVP PreSales, dug into that competing desire and spoke to how Delphix helps companies navigate that process.

“A pressing question for companies today is how to quickly get data in the hands of those who need it most, but without creating more exposure to potential breaches or other malicious data-related attacks,” Jeff Zeisler, SVP Presales at Delphix, told attendees. “The Delphix Data Platform makes data readily available without creating more risk. At the most basic level that’s what our platform does really well.”

Throughout the event, delegates asked deep-dive questions about the platform’s capabilities, how the masking process ensures security, and why companies are choosing to adopt Delphix.

Customer Sai Adivi, Director of IT Enterprise Apps and DevOps at Dentegra, summarized it best when he took the podium to describe how Delphix helped Delta Dental improve their data flow. He spoke of the fact that their first reason for coming to Delphix was masking, and that they quickly saw massive value in reducing their provisioning times and allowing them to innovate faster while also keeping patient information secure.

"It’s a day and night difference,” said Adivi. “We went from weeks and months to days.”

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