Solution Brief

Delphix for Backup Ingestion

Enterprises undergoing digital transformation today understand the importance of providing access to production-like data to their application development, quality assurance, and analytics teams. Access to production quality data from backup helps teams build higher quality features, release software at a faster pace, and generate business insights with minimal touch to production data. Enterprises can leverage backup data within their organization to deliver better customer experiences that result in increased market share and revenue.

With Delphix, teams can set up their backup systems with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server data to quickly provision, refresh, and tear down data environments, breaking the logjam in development and enabling teams to achieve faster time-to-market. The Delphix Data Platform makes it easy to create masked and unmasked copies in minutes from Oracle or SQL Server backup data, which results in the following:

  • • Accelerated software development
  • • Higher test integrity
  • • Easier production hotfixes
  • • Faster time-to-market