Accelerating App Dev - Moving Dev Test
to the Cloud

Watch this live webinar where Mark McGill will outline and demo how you can accelerate App Dev life cycles by moving Dev Test environments to the cloud.

Moving Dev Test to the Cloud has been a game changer for some organisations and has enabled them to iterate quickly, innovate faster, at a lower cost and ultimately release Applications quicker and at a higher quality.

Mark will highlight the advantages of moving Dev Test to the Cloud and demonstrate the steps you will need to take to make the move.

  • Why you should leverage the Cloud for Dev Test and data agility
  • Highlight the benefits from organisations who have already made the move.
  • How to secure your data in the cloud.
  • How you can improve quality and reduce data related defects by keeping Dev Test data fresh.
  • How you can automate the delivery of secure and fresh data into Dev Test environments



Mark McGill

With over 25 years of experience in technology and data, Mark is expert in enabling businesses to leverage data and accelerate application development. During his time both at Delphix and Oracle, Mark has worked with many of the UK and Europe’s largest Enterprises and has in-depth experience of successful data storage and application delivery projects.