How Delphix can drive Machine Learning & AI

Watch this webinar where Ugo Pollio will explain how Delphix can help accelerate AI initiatives by bringing all the relevant data to your training models and decoupling the Machine Learning pipeline into parallel streams.

Ugo will show how:

  • Delphix can reduce the cost of AI/ML projects
  • Delphix ensures that sensitive data is secured for use by Data Scientists & Analysts in their AI/ML projects
  • Delphix can help you bridge your multi-cloud or on-prem data sources and datasets seamlessly, and increase the speed of innovation.




Ugo PullioUgo Pollio has over 20 years of experience in ICT holding several positions. He's working at Delphix for the last 5 years as a Presales Manager and currently as Customer Success Director, ensuring customers get the most value from their Delphix investments. Fuelled by curiosity and technologies, he keeps getting up to date with emerging trends like AI and ML, in order to better serve his customers.


Clay ThornhillChay Thornhill has 25 years of experience as a technical creative leader with expertise in providing innovative data solutions to address application data bottlenecks. Having worked at IBM for 11 years, and then for a number of leading investment banks. It was managing the Data Services team at Fidelity International, where I came across Delphix which would help me automate the delivery of Data to application development teams. I wrote the business case, gained approval and implemented Delphix at Fidelity. The Delphix platform has grown massively since those early days, and now I manage the Solutions Engineering team at Delphix. Having been a customer I have a great view of how we can help accelerate application development whilst removing data bottlenecks.