Delphix with Jenkins - Automating Data for CI/CD

How to use and build fresh data catalogues in your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that your automated testing is relevant, comprehensive, secure and available.

Tools, such as Jenkins, have automated much of the development pipeline, but manual ticketing processes for delivering compliant test data often still exist. DevOps teams need automation to manage data with the same speed and agility as code.

Watch the webinar to explore the benefits of an API-first programmable data platform for automating data delivery for Jenkins CI/CD pipelines. Discover how to deliver compliant data into development environments at the same pace and level of automation as DevOps teams deploy code.

In the webinar, Delphix and Accuras will demonstrate how to:

  • Version-control test data like code

  • Refresh, bookmark, or rewind data with a single API call

  • Automate the data compliance

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