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Innovation is equal parts experience and vision.

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Executive Team
President & Chief Executive Officer Chris Cook View Bio
Founder, Executive Chairman Jedidiah Yueh View Bio
Chief Financial Officer Stewart Grierson View Bio
Michelle Kerr - Chief Marketing Officer at Delphix
Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Kerr View Bio
SVP, Engineering Marc Aronson View Bio
Anthony Orlando - SVP, Worldwide Sales at Delphix
SVP, Worldwide Sales Tony Orlando View Bio
VP, Product Management Daniel Graves View Bio
VP, People Jason Binder View Bio
VP, Engineering Eric Schrock View Bio
Marco Aurelio
VP, Global Customer Services Marco Aurelio View Bio
VP, Sales International Iain Chidgey View Bio


Board of Directors
Chris Cook View Bio
Jedidiah Yueh View Bio
Chris Schaepe View Bio
Asheem Chandna View Bio