Large Global Financial Institution: Driving digital transformation across the bank improved agility, service health and technical productivity.


Non-production databases to the cloud

1 person

To manage efficiency improvements

30 days to 10 mins

Reduction in data processing time


This bank’s Payments and Global Liquidity Cash Management (GLCM) service is one of the most heavily used payment gateways, and is responsible for billions of revenue annually. It is a critical service and one the bank cannot afford to have go down and prevent payment executions from being completed.

For the bank’s GLCM business, it needed visibility into receiving funds and cash balances from across the world to help customers make smarter cash flow management decisions. To support quality of work and with its naturally sensitive data sets, the bank also needed a way to mask customer data and protect sensitive information. Having stringent privacy policies in place is critical for a financial institution to ensure data privacy, and a as a data breach could jeopardize customers’ personal information as well as the bank’s reputation.

Implementing digital transformation solutions was no easy feat for the bank. Manual and non-standard processes led to production outages with inefficiencies around processes and risk. The lack of automation hindered testing, root cause analysis (RCA) and the speed of modernization, leading to challenges with resiliency and quality of service.


Faced with the need to improve the quality of testing, services across GLCM and reduce reputational risk, the bank turned to Delphix DevOps Data Platform with Continuous Data and Continuous Compliance.

Delphix’s platform enabled the organization to complete automation of data delivery processes via API for every app development. The platform also helped the bank improve resiliency through efficient and compliant masking, which also provided production-like data for DevOps. By reducing risk via automated delivery of compliant, production-quality data and removing manual masking scripts, the bank achieved value for the business and maintained a high standard of customer experience.


Leveraging the Delphix DevOps Data Platform with virtualization and masking helped this organization accelerate migration and modernization across 320+ non-production databases to the cloud. Risk reduction is always a major concern across regulated industries, and the platform helped the bank remove manual DBA and masking processes as well as standardize data refresh via API across all payments. This drove the organization forward with production improvements—data refresh, a process that previously took a team to manage now takes just one person, and the organization reduced processing time of this data down from 30 days to less than ten minutes.

Implementing the Delphix DevOps Data Platform has armed this large financial Institution with the ability to deliver efficiencies across development, testing and RCA processes. With reduced risk and improved productivity, the organization has vastly improved its quality of work and continues to help customers make better financial decisions that affect their lives.