Banco Carrefour: Accelerates critical business initiatives and ensures LGPD compliance

Founded in 1989, Banco Carrefour is the financial services arm of Carrefour Brazil—one of the largest supermarket chains in the country with $62.2 billion in revenue.

As part of the Carrefour Group, an international retailer operating more than 9,900 company-owned and franchise stores worldwide, Banco Carrefour is one of the largest credit card issuers in Brazil and offers financial and insurance products to more than 7 million customers.

Today, the multi-billion dollar business is embracing DevOps and bolstering its data management to meet the growing demands for consistent and realistic data to feed critical digital transformation projects, while also staying compliant with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD).


Navigating the Complexities of Data
Banco Carrefour’s development organization needed to provision data for development and testing in a manner that was consistent, rapid, and complied with the necessary data privacy regulations.

Prior to implementing Delphix, the retail bank was facing the following challenges:

  • Delivering data for development and test efforts took 24 to 36 hours, impacting application release timelines and slowing down critical business initiatives.

  • The bank was using a tool that generated synthetic data for development and testing, but this synthetic data generation tool could not produce the volume and quality of data that was required to meet the needs of the organization.

  • The bank did not have a way to centrally govern masking of production data copies, or centrally manage the delivery of masked production data into non-production environments. Avoiding PII disclosures and meeting regulatory requirements for the LGPD was critical for the bank. Their previous attempts at masking data were unsuccessful. It broke test cases and failed to reduce the surface area of risk in non-production environments that contain most of the personal data subject to LGPD.

  • Several members of the development team were constantly waiting for fresh data sets to become available in order to complete their projects, and others were spending time helping to create new data environments. This resulted in an inefficient use of development team time and resources.


Modernizing Data Infrastructure to Drive Innovation
The team deployed Delphix, a DevOps data platform, that met the following requirements:

  • Seamlessly integrated into Banco Carrefour’s DevOps toolchain via APIs and eliminated development and test wait times for data.

  • Provided up-to-date, production-quality data to improve testing quality.

  • Centrally manage and apply masking policies across all instances of production-sourced data in non-production environments. This eliminated non-production environments from the scope of LGPD and drastically reduced the surface area of data risk.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs.

Results and Impact

Software Release Acceleration Coupled With LGPD Compliance
With Delphix, Banco Carrefour is able to empower development teams with fast, compliant data at scale. The modern data infrastructure allows:

  1. 320x faster data availability. It used to take the financial institution upwards of 16 hours to deliver data-ready environments for development and testing. This can now be accomplished in 3 minutes.

  2. Higher developer productivity. Development and QA teams get faster access to high quality, compliant data. They can also easily version, bookmark, refresh, and share copies of test data via API or at the click of a button, without involving database administrators.

  3. Higher quality releases. With Delphix, teams have access to the right test data at the right time. QA can maintain and version libraries of test data, leading to higher release quality, and shift testing to the left using real data that fully represents production.

  4. LGPD compliance in all non-production environments. Delphix automatically identifies and masks sensitive data across all non-production environments, dramatically reducing the surface area of data that is subject to LGPD.

  5. 70% storage savings. The ability to provision space-efficient, virtual copies of data has significantly reduced infrastructure costs.

With these capabilities, Banco Carrefour’s software team accelerated their development and test cycles and delivered new product capabilities to the business at a faster pace.

Across industries, enterprises are facing increased pressure to innovate and become ever more digitally savvy. For Banco Carrefour, modernizing its data infrastructure is just the latest step in automating critical infrastructure and processes to support digital innovation.

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