Boeing Employees Credit Union Reduces Data Risk Footprint And Deploys Products Up To Twice As Fast With Delphix

15 Hours

Masking 680 million data rows


Devs get self-serviced data


Masking implementation

Boeing Employees’ Credit Union (BECU) is the largest credit union in Washington and the fourth largest in the United States, with over $17 billion in assets and over 1 million members. BECU is a digitally focused institution, with over 40 cashless branches and only a few traditional locations. 


BECU constantly strives to make banking easier, more convenient, and secure for its members. For the BECU IT team, that means quickly rolling out enhancements to its online banking systems, without interrupting services or compromising security. A key challenge faced by BECU was building an agile testing infrastructure while upholding the highest data privacy and security standards. 

BECU needed a secure DataOps solution that met these specific requirements: 

  • Sensitive data discovery. BECU needed a solution that would identify sensitive data values across all of its environments and automate the process of consistently masking those values. 

  • Masking consistency and repeatability. Applications needed to be masked the same way every time and function the same using masked and unmasked data. The solution also needed to maintain referential integrity across masked flat files and databases. 

  • Out-of-the-box masking templates. The BECU team needed a simple solution with preset rules that the company could start using immediately. 

  • Breadth of supported databases and flat files. BECU needed a solution that could mask Oracle, SQL Server, and more than 100 flat files across the nine key applications, including CRM, loan originations, and member portal systems. 

  • Reporting and auditing of masked data. The credit union needed a way to track masked data across sources over time to verify that masked environments were not being polluted with unmasked confidential data.


After evaluating three separate vendors, BECU selected the Delphix Data Platform for masking data in its new testing infrastructure because: 

  • Delphix consistently masks data across relational database platforms and flat files, even as data changes over time. Delphix also maintains the referential integrity of masked data both within and across databases and files. 

  • Delphix addresses the first crucial step in securing sensitive data at risk: discovering where the risk lies by providing builtin data profiling. 

  • Delphix provides pre-built masking functionality that requires no programming knowledge or administrative involvement to create custom masking rules.

  • Delphix is platform-agnostic, offering a wide range of support for heterogeneous databases—such as Oracle, SQL server, DB2, and file systems. 

Legacy approaches to refreshing data in AWS require teams to repeat the full, manual process of extracting, moving, and importing data to the cloud. But with a hybrid cloud architecture and Delphix, BECU can keep their on-premise and cloud environments in sync because Delphix continually gathers data from production sources. 

Their data is then masked and replicated to AWS. With fresh, secure data available in the cloud, BECU can easily deliver new virtual data copies to a team of over 200 developers, in just minutes.


Delphix enabled BECU to exceed its goal for data masking, helping the firm bolster rigorous standards for protecting confidential information: 

  • BECU masked 662 tables, 3,507 columns, and 680 million rows of data in 15 hours, far exceeding the initial requirement that masking not take more than 24 hours. 

  • They completed the implementation process in 6 weeks, meeting compliance requirements ahead of schedule.The team estimated that competitors’ tools would have taken an estimated 18-24 weeks to install and start masking data with. 

  • Delphix experts worked side-by-side with BECU team members to establish the foundation of a masking Center of Excellence, enabling BECU to continue with minimal support. 

  • BECU also leverages the virtualization capabilities of the Delphix Data Platform to reduce the overall time and effort to distribute masked data, which makes it possible for BECU to deploy products up to twice as fast. 

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