Fastweb Slashes Environment Provisioning Times, Improves Test Data Quality, And Achieves Continuous Delivery
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Storage savings

With over 2.12 million customers, Fastweb is one of the leading telecom operators in Italy. Fastweb provides internet, telephone/mobile, and digital television offerings as well as cloud computing, security, and unified communications services. Delivering a quadplay offering (telephone, internet, TV, and mobile) to residential and business customers, Fastweb is continually innovating its packaged offerings.

To support business growth, Fastweb embarked on a modernization program to increase agility, optimize infrastructure, and support DevOps and continuous delivery initiatives. The new program demanded shorter development cycles, rapid access to data, and flexible development environments.


Fastweb had limited resources and with over 100 applications, 300 databases, and complex integrations, was struggling to keep pace with business needs. Legacy infrastructure and complex business processes meant it took seven days to provision an environment for a single application project. During this time, developers and testers were unable to work, and defects crept into production systems.


Fastweb turned to Delphix to enhance customers’ digital experience through continuous delivery. The Delphix data platform helps Fastweb decrease time to market for products and services, slashing the time needed to provision an environment from over a week to just one or two hours. Using Delphix, Fastweb also improved test data quality, enabling project teams to find more bugs earlier in the software development cycle.


Delphix enables developers and testers to refresh data in minutes via selfservice. Now, Fastweb delivers fresh data on a daily instead of monthly basis, and the organization has seen data-driven errors nearly eliminated. Multiple data sources (as many as 40) can be provisioned and then reset in sync from any point in time—all in a matter of minutes. With Delphix, minor releases can now be executed in days rather than weeks.

Delphix has enabled true continuous delivery, making us more competitive, improving the quality of our services, and helping us drive business growth.
Marco Guadagnini,
Operations Infrastructure Manager, Fastweb

In addition, integration testing is now performed on demand, something that was unimaginable before. Leveraging Delphix to virtualize its data layer, Fastweb has also achieved significant CapEx savings. Budget that would have been spent on extra storage was instead reallocated to the implementation of the Delphix platform. Fastweb avoided costs for 150TB of production data and reduced non-production storage requirements by 80%, allowing the company to save a total of 250TB of storage.

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