Sky Italia achieves GDPR compliance in five months and reduces infrastructure footprint by 90%+


Reduction in infrastructure footprint

5 months

Achieve GDPR compliance


Reduction in operational costs


Compliance and Time to Deliver Acceleration
For non-production environments, data was coming from production, exposing sensitive data. In addition, effort, time and impact on production databases was limiting the refresh of development and test environments. Best case data refreshed once per year; worst case, stale data, 4 years of age or more.

Each refresh process was stopping development and testing from application teams for between 1 to 2 months. In that current state, the time to deliver new business capabilities was at least 6 months, impeding the customer to offer new end users services.


5 Months to be GDPR Compliant
To achieve GDPR compliance for their non production environments, by masking production data, completing the first project wave by May 2018, when GDPR became operational.

Second wave delivered by December 2018, covering the full perimeter of business critical applications.

Business Achieved

GDPR Compliance
Five months to achieve GDPR compliance, meeting the deadlines, providing referential integrity, and full representative data.

Increase Quality & Productivity

  • Applications have reduced errors in production, improving their quality, reducing bugs and outages.

  • Increased speed and quality of releases, being able to increase development and testing environments: more pipelines in parallel with fresh data.

  • Enabled parallel test-beds to run multiple business initiatives simultaneously.

  • Reduced infrastructure footprint by 90%+ and operational costs by 30%.

Business Impact

  • Thanks to the agility achieved, at the end of the project, they increased the number of their integrated test environment to enable multiple go to market initiatives in parallel. This allowed Sky Italia to accelerate the strategic project of broadband services.

  • In order to keep data safe and secure for all their business critical applications, Sky Italia needed to reorganize their data centers and separate production data and non- production data. Delphix helped with this project, by completing the non production data relocation and optimization in about 3 months, guaranteeing the continuity of Development and Testing activities.